Here is a newly redesigned blog for my literary work: A.L.W. Writing. There are links to my e-novels on Amazon/Kindle.

I've now said just about all I have to say on Zen, Haragei and Clear Light Yoga.

Maybe, driven by enthusiasm, in some instances I went too far and said too much. Some aspects should be left empty and mysterious.

All of my writing deals with the essentially empty and mysterious nature of being alive. For example:

At the morgue she was draped in white sheeting. Her bare feet stuck out, like those of Mantegna's Christ. Her forehead chilled my hand. They took her away on a metal trolley. I sat in an office my eardrums resounding with the rattling and bells of typewriters. Once I touched my cheek and found it unshaven. After signing one more statement I was led outside. I walked to a park where mist hung in a double row of trees and sat on a bench. I shivered. I was alive. But life and death are unfathomable. The dead and the living are part of the same amazing and terrible reality. That reality can be experienced but it cannot be described. (ACROSS THE BRIDGE OF STRAW & FOG)

I intend now to work on playing the bamboo flute and writing pieces of fiction. But I will go on posting Zen writings as I find or write them.

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