Final Reality

These notes and oracles of Tiger-Spirit Zen, Dried Shit Zen Rishi, and Kyoto Ghosts are precious, so precious and real that "I" do not lay any claim to them. Amazing! Pointing directly to your mind, showing you the originally realized state beneath all the layers of distraction and so-called "knowledge" about the so-called "external world," awakening you with a jolt to the Final Reality before any thoughts -- this teaching is so true it is beyond any 'teaching" at all, it is just the "seal" of the mind placed on its own natural clear state. In this Final Reality there is not even Mind -- where could it be? Who could lay claim to it? The whole idea of Enlightenment is laughable. Who exists to get Enlightened? What process could lead to this fantastic result, if time itself is a big joke? Let knowing go and be not-knowing.

Matsu, the Zen Master who started out by saying "Mind is Buddha. Buddha is Mind," one day suddenly changed his teaching to "No Mind. No Buddha."

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