The Practice of Living Zen: A Direct Introduction to the Subtle Mystery of the True Flower

Q. What is it?

A. It's two week intensive study with me via Skype, phone and texts-- or face to face, if you want to come up to the mountains of Oregon. Actually, face to face is best. Let's do that.

Q. What does it cost?

A. How much it costs is up to you, but I'd suggest about 10 grand in folding cash if you're serious about "shedding body and mind." If you can't afford 10 big ones, contact me anyhow if you like and maybe we can work something out. Maybe you could just cut off your arm, like Huike.

Q. What are you offering?

A. I'll teach you a series of energetic techniques that will set you on the right direction to realizing your True Self, sometimes poetically called "the True Flower." After this, it's up to you.

Q. Why would I want this?

A. Why wouldn't you? Usually, up until the last century, Zen practice was to attain kensho, which means directly seeing your inherent nature; Satori, actually experiencing it in a hair-raising way; and Daigo, the art of embodying and living it in everyday life. I can't promise you any of that. You may only gain a vague sense of the "True Flower." But you will receive techniques that, when practiced with resolve, will raise energy, free you from depression, anxiety and negative emotions in general, and put you on the path to realizing the subtlest and highest aspects of your dazzling original being. Note that I don't hold any teaching certificates in any religious school. Anyhow, Zen is about intuitive realization -- it cannot be faked or peddled. Once you glimpse the boundless splendor of truly realizing It, there will be no doubts at all. You'll see!

(Also note that I will soon be e-publishing a short treatise or "practical handbook" on all of these techniques [The Book of Zen & Haragei] so please don't fret if you don't have a bag full of cash to spend on some dubious quest for Enlightenment.)

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