A Note on Realizing That Objects Are Mind-Made

According to a sutra:

Since objects never have any perception, they are free of self-images, such as long or short, good or evil, and existence or nonexistence. One should observe, in this way, that all dharmas (phenomena) are produced by mind. There is not a single dharma, apart from mind, that can perceive distinctions for itself. So, sitting in meditation, one should follow the objects of one's mind and know that, thought after thought, only mind rises and perishes. It is like the flow of water and the flame of a lamp, never staying even temporarily.

Interesting! Objects have no mind, so they can have no image of themselves. Only mind makes images.

Likewise, only mind makes concepts such as long and short, up and down, day and night, good and evil, etc. Objects can't make these up.

Only mind is the source of all "things" because it is only mind that can perceive things by making distinctions and experiencing images.

So all distinctions, including "in here" vs. "out there," are made up of mind, experienced by mind, and in the end are just mind!

The human body compared to an atom is quite large. But compared to a galaxy, it is small. So which is it really? Small or large?

Aum Swasti!

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