Zen Is Just This

Stagnation, low-transition intertia states = anxious self-protectiveness, worried thought, inhibited action, eg. shoga or "small self."

High energy, rapid, sudden transition states = expansive spirit, Taiga. "Under Heaven and above Earth, I am the only honored one!"

How, then, do we move from the stagnant low-transition state into the clear blue sky of Zen?

Not by addressing it directly, arguing with it, being ashamed over it or worried about it. These are all low-transition emotional manifestations.

No. Instead we're going to drop out of the low-transition state into a complete zero-state.

By resting in the zero-state, we'll find ourselves "with a solitary sword against the cold sky."

Action, high-transition energy, will then emerge spontaneously from this zero state in natural response to conditions.

Zen is just this. All things return to the One. To what does the One return? Quick!

One excels in the Way of Zen by using "collapse" into a zero-state of Dhyana to enable higher level transitions that exceed the working capacity of "small self."

The principle here is that dropping stagnant energy into the Hara results in the complete annihilation of any sense of "self/other."

This no-state persists only briefly. It is timeless and spaceless, infinite. It is nothing.

Out of that no-state, the tiger-ki of earth reappears, and the ascending dragon flies straight to the clear blue sky, feeding on beings and sunlight.

So use the Hara to enter the stillness of Clear Mirror Mind. Energy, an unstoppable maelstrom, naturally rises out of this state. It doesn't disturb the stillness but manifests and reveals it.

Aum Swasti!

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