Awareness is Nirvana, the Formless Flower of Vulture Peak

Awareness is Nirvana.

"What about self-awareness? Is that Nirvana?" Awareness is the Self. Everything is Self-Awareness. Yes, it is Nirvana!

"No, I mean ignorance and suffering. Is that Nirvana?" Yes, it is Nirvana!

"So why did the Buddha come?" To point to where you're standing and say, Just as it is, Nirvana!

"So this Yoga of Awareness, why call it yoga at all?" Because it's the natural activity of Awareness revealing itself to itself brilliantly here now as Nirvana! And all sentient beings as Buddhas!

"So why do you do Zen?" Zen is unbroken Awareness. It's wonderful to taste water. It's wonderful to be the Formless Flower Buddha held up to the assembly at Vulture Peak!

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