My Zen Confession

I must admit that I don't understand most of what people are talking about when they worry about this or that aspect of "Zen" or if they're enlightened or not enlightened.

For me Zen has always just been the freedom to go laughingly along my own outrageous way. I find this world extremely amusing. But I am also struck breathless, sometimes moved to tears, at least ten times every day by the sheer brilliant thereness of Reality. 

It's shocking to be not a "mind" or a "body" but the naked and baseless awareness of This-Here-Now! Shocking and wonderful.

I know that nobody else sees it with my eyes any more than I can see with theirs, or has my experiences any more than I can have anybody else's! So it seems to me that "I" am just this Awareness-of-Being which is singular.

Once I realized the absolute singularity and incomprehensible self-nature of my baseless awareness, I relaxed and had a good laugh at every Zen book I'd ever read.

Sitting meditation seems beside the point; I need no ko-an to taste the immediacy of sensations; lengthy discourses and sutras bore me; I don't like people who sit around in black robes and lecture like Dr. Phil. So how is my innocent, direct, everyday life not Zen?

I am perfectly free to call it Zen. I am free to call it the Supreme Zen, if I like!

And as regards your own singular, incomprehensible and baseless awareness of being, you're free to do the same!


  1. You can call it Orthodox Christianity if you like. You can call it whatever you want. You live in a free country!

  2. I am 27, and if i had read your article one year ago, i would have called BS.

    Recently, I have come to TRULY grasp the ability to let nearly everything slide that keeps me from being happy, or keeps me from realizing my goals. I have lost 80-90% of my fear about everyday anxieties. I really am finally able to live here in the present moment.

    I was raised with the philosophy that as long as you are always moving steadily towards something, you will eventually end up on the right path, without fail. This has helped me to both calm my everyday anxieties about what the immediate future will hold.

    Remember RIGHT NOW, EVERYTHING IS JUST FINE. Trust yourself that you will get what you need for you to be happy.