Pushing Open a Door

Huguo Jingyuan came from ancient Yongjia. After entering monastic life as a young man he first studied with a teacher named Xigong on Mt. Ling. After receiving the precepts, he studied Tiantai doctrines for three years, but gave up this pursuit to study under Zen Master Yuanwu Keqin.

Jingyuan overheard a monk reading a teaching by Zen Master Sixin that said, "Because enlightenment is realized in delusion, in enlightenment one recognizes the delusion within enlightenment and the enlightenment within delusion. When enlightenment and delusion are both forgotten, then one may establish all dharmas from this place that is without enlightenment or delusion."

When Jingyuan heard this he experienced doubt. But later, when he was hurrying to the Buddha Hall, just as he pushed open the door he suddenly experienced vast enlightenment.

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