Iron Flute 59. Sages & Mediocrities

Liu Zheng, 'A Wooden Donkey' (2008)

Wu-yeh, a national teacher, said, “If one has fancies about sages or mediocrities, even though these fancies are as fine as delicate threads, they are strong enough to pull him down into the animal kingdom.”

Fugai commented: Why do you refuse the idea of sages and mediocrities? Why are you afraid of being pulled down to lower stages? A good actor never chooses between the roles. The poor one always complains of his part.

Genro said : If you want to clear both ideas of sages and mediocrities, you must make yourselves donkeys and horses. Do not hate enemies if you want to conquer them.

Sages and mediocrities . . .
Donkeys and horses . . .
All of them pull you down
When you hold
Even to the shadow of a single hair.
Be good, monks,
Live one life at a time
Without dualistic inertia.
Old masters know your sickness
And shed tears for you.

"You only live twice, or so it seems. One life for yourself, and one for your dreams." Even this is an illusion. Once the rain started, many startling cold drops of water began to fall from the eaves.

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