Iron Flute 12: San-shêng Meets a Student

One day, while talking with his monks, San-shêng said, “When a student comes, I go out to meet him with no purpose of helping him.” His brother monk, Hsing-hua, heard of the remark and said, “When a student comes, I do not often go out to meet him, but if I do, I will surely help him.”


One brother says, “No,” the other says, “Yes.” Thus, they carry the business their father left them, improving it and making it prosper.

The Yellow River runs one thousand miles to the north,
Then turns to the east and flows ceaselessly.
No matter how it bends and turns,
Its water comes from the source in Kun-lun Mountain.

My verse:

The rain turns to snow as it falls.
Kun-lun mountain is covered by dense clouds.
In a lonely inn, a man takes a hot springs-fed bath.
His young wife is heard coughing in the next room.

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