Comb Your Hair In Wind, Take a Bath In Rain

Ki is universal. Thus when we project & extend Ki positively as light-energy-clarity we reach the farthest ends of the universe with our strength of spirit. And when we allow it to contract in a natural way we realize the infinity of empty space. Each state is blissful, & although they may seem to be opposed they are one. There is no end to this. When could there be an end? Only before the beginning.

Ki rescues sitting Zen from vacuity & passivity. We become mountains, rivers, bells, temples, forests, dreams. At the same instant, we realize all these as spontaneous mirages in and of the Void. A cool breeze on the forehead. What's before mind can't be sensed; what's after mind can't be sensed. Mind is always here: it's the Middle Way. You can't attain This. You can't drop It.

There's a monk sitting in Zen. Another is teaching, smiling and bending forward slightly. Then there's the Taoist sage, who can turn himself into a tiger. He's surrounded by a light. He can walk on treetops or fly into the sky and swim in the clouds. Comb your hair in the wind, take a bath in the rain.

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