Über Bona Fide Buddhist BS Redux II

More road rage "threat & defamation" tweeting from a self-appointed "popular Buddhist commentator" on Twitter: suspected terrorist Bill Schwartz again libeling and slandering like a crazy man. Again, I call upon all sincere (both Bona Fide and Über) Tibetan tradition Buddhists to once and for all openly repudiate this type of idiotic behavior, unfortunately widespread in Vajrayana circles, which runs counter to the Buddhist Law.

Note that all Bill Schwartz's tweets (below) are in reaction to this single tweet by me:

Allow me to retort, as Samuel L. Jackson says in PULP FICTION, by highlighting a few of the "points" Bill Schwartz makes, or tries to make, in this wildly disorganized series of tweets. Reading down:

-Bill Schwartz tells me to control my posse and keep them out of his "grill." Posse? Also, is that a gas grill or a charcoal grill?

-Bill Schwartz asks, "You feel me on this matter?" No. I'm not interested in feeling you.

-Bill Schwartz threatens me with a "Google problem." I don't know what that means. Maybe he should just screw around with my KLOUT ratings -- that would really get me where it hurts.

-Bill Schwartz claims that his detention by Chicago Police Department was unlawful. According to him, perhaps, but the Chicago PD may have a different "take." Bill Schwartz claims to have "merely" been snapping pictures, which is "not illegal." Maybe. Maybe he reacted to some mild police queries with the same bloated, chest-beating truculence he displays on Twitter. His account of the incident doesn't add up, any more than does his story of a miraculous recovery in 2010 from "incurable congestive heart failure," or his fantasies about having "brought down" Alyce Zeoli by being rude to her on Twitter.

-Bill Schwartz claims that he's going to file a civil suit for being "detained" for a few hours, while I can't file a civil suit for being handcuffed at gunpoint in a pre-dawn FBI raid. Some of the well known civil lawyers I've been speaking to might be interested in how he draws that conclusion.

-Bill Schwartz makes all kinds of fatuous and imaginary attributions about my emotional states ("furious," "chagrined," &c. -- no, never once in relation to this small time stuff) and supposed motives, as well as what I knew or didn't know. I say: Nuts. I've gazed into gun-sights and kept my cool. How likely am I to "lose it" over what a bearded fat man in cheap overalls says about me?

-Bill Schwartz repeats again and again in this sequence of tweets a certifiably crazed claim about my online interactions with Alyce Zeoli, aka "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo" and her rabid cult followers, including the obtuse David Williams and the now-jailed child molesting monk John Buhmeyer. But braying something loudly and often -- last I heard -- doesn't make it true. If there were even the merest scent of my having done something illegal I would definitely have been charged for it. The FBI doesn't hand out free "Get Out of Jail" cards after they've gone to all the fuss of mounting a pre-dawn tactical raid on your house. Alyce Zeoli and her Kunzang Palyul Choling cult members stalked me, obsessively and without mercy, for over a year, on the mistaken assumption that I was their evil nemesis "William Cassidy." They made it impossible for me to teach Zen and Haragei, depriving the people who needed it of absolutely essential information. Even more than that, they gave false, distorted -- in a word, lying -- testimony to a federal agent in order to wreak misguided vengeance on me for offending a fantasyland "Living Buddha." Anything I ever said or didn't say to "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo" and members of the Kunzang Palyul Choling was in direct response to being viciously cyberstalked and cyberbullied by them. I have no regrets. Contrary to Bill's bizarre claim that I "got in over my head," I feel that I won. And what's more, it isn't all over yet.

(Note that Bill Schwartz has been accused multiple times of stalking and online harassment, not only by Über-bogus Tulku "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo" and her sinister cult followers but by Waylon Lewis, founder and editor of the respected online publication Elephant Journal. (Google the phrase "bored, maniacal bully.") The tedious, blustering aggressiveness Bill Schwartz attributes to me is really all his own. I suggest that the next time a police officer approaches him to ask what he's doing he react with some humility.)

-Bill Schwartz fantasizes that I "reached out to him" -- conveniently, in his account, to incriminate myself. Fat chance, big man.

-Bill Schwartz claims that I asked him to ask his Editor wife (if any "wife" really exists -- I wasn't sure then and am doubly not sure now, given Bill's demonstrated though often hostile homoerotic interest in good looking younger men) for her opinion about a possible book deal based on my experiences. In a strictly informal way it's true; I did. Or, at least, I asked him to ask "her" if "she" thought there might hypothetically be a book in it. Excuse me for networking. In any case, he didn't ask "her."

(Why not? This is an interesting question. It's because Bill Schwartz doesn't do even the smallest favors for anybody, ever. Not even for supposed "friends." He does not offer to help, and if asked he will not help. He demands attention and recognition from others, but gives nothing back. Bill has often spoken with amazement about the fact that Craig Bialick -- @Ogmin, on Twitter -- once did him the favor of calling his "wife" after a home robbery that had left him without a cell phone. But this isn't so amazing at all, is it?, since Craig typically behaves according to the Buddhist ideal. Craig is a good person who lives what he preaches -- and people respect him for it. Why not learn from this example?)

-Bill Schwartz mocks and condescends to my good friends on Twitter by calling them "fanboys,""playmates" and "playdates." Here again, these remarks give one sad glimpses into Bill's personal Über hell realm of social media angst and frustration. For a man who's studied Buddhism for thirty years he's still painfully far from tasting the bliss and ease of Mahasukha.

-Bill Schwartz, in his typical disparaging style, calls me an "aspiring author." I'd call Bill an "aspiring asshole" except that he went pro as soon as he opened a Twitter account. Right now I'm earning steady royalty money from my Kindle novels on Amazon and people I've never personally met are enjoying and talking about them. That makes me a "bona fide" -- though not yet Über -- author. All my novels, such as my YA novel WOLFWEIR, published under the pen name A.G. Hardy, deal with love and bravery in the face of terror. It's because I've personally experienced, and overcome, terror that I can write so convincingly about it.

Bill Schwartz claims that the FBI raid on my home proves I must have done something wrong. Very well, I counter-claim that since he was "detained" on suspicion of being a terrorist, he is a terrorist. Case closed. Put a bag on his head, toss him in a cell and throw away the key.

For more about terror-suspect Bill Schwartz, the criminal activity of an infamous Tulku and the ill-conceived, deranged and mistaken FBI raid on my home, please see: "The Deadly Viper Assassination Buddhists" "Open Message to Karma Kuchen Rinpoche", "Crimes & Tulkus" and "A Short Interview with Andrew Wilson (February 15, 2011)"

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