In the Clear Sky of Emptiness

In the clear sky of Emptiness all labels are void of any ultimate meaning.

Not only that, but Emptiness can be "tasted" directly in and AS sensory experience.

If Name-and-Form continues to reign over distracted monkey minds in "everyday living," that's just "how it shakes out." So much the worse for us.

This bizarre situation is well explained by Lobsang Gyatso in The Harmony of Emptiness and Dependent-Arising -- a wonderful book.

In terms of Absolute Truth, there is no-thing "here," "there" or "anywhere" to which any label could ever stick.

What's more, this "no-thing-ness" is exactly how it all appears. Amazing!

"Absolute Truth" resonates -- eternally, unforgettably -- in and through every sensory experience.

Yet this doesn't seem to blot out the gritty, sorrowful all-too-human idea of "agency and action."

Nor, all by itself, does Realization of Emptiness -- however great and wonderful -- always take away the bad karmic habits that produce suffering.

By staying alert to all this, one can live a happy life.

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