The Solitary Splendor of Non-Action

Buddha Dharma fosters Mind-essence and actualizes it in the world. It is the birthright every individual possesses from the beginning, belonging to no one else. Each person contains a boundless treasure within him- or herself. Yet of all the billions of people on earth, how many are aware of their innate wealth? It is a great pity that people value gold, silver and diamonds rather than their own true riches. One who regains his birthright will be master of the three thousand worlds.

In the present age, worldly knowledge increases month by month while marvelous knowledge of "non-action" decreases daily. What is "non-action"? Fighting furiously in the midst of a raging battle without a hair out of place. An ancient said, "All day not a single thing is done; all day not a word is spoken." The Lotus Sutra states: "Awake or asleep, no difference." Working in the world, presses by business, bustling here and there, is the same as snoring loudly while peacefully drunk -- both are places of "the solitary splendor of non-action."

Where are you now? Climb the treasure mountain and do not return empty-handed.


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