Zen Mind, No Mind

Zen is not a religion. It is a practice with a goal.

What's the basic Zen practice? "Cast away all things, become without thought and without mind."

What's the goal? "Liberated right where you stand." Sokushin jobutsu -- Buddhahood in this life.

Zen is not concerned with past lives, future lives, karma, ideas and opinions, or anyone's level of so-called spiritual development. Cut all that away. Drop body and mind in a single instant.

"Body and mind dropped in a single instant."

Here it is! Wonderful! Yet -- where is it?

Can you grasp empty space? Does it have bones? Eyes? Ears? A mouth? Nostrils?

Buddha holds up a flower; Kasyapa smiles. A crow screams on the mountain. Ants crawl out of a hole in the ground.

"One thousand nights of cold rain." "Wearing a straw hat under the hot blue sky."

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