Shitcan Materialism

When a doctrine or assumption is definitely and repeatedly refuted by scientific experiments, it should be discarded. Hasn't even the Dalai Lama said so?

Well, then! "Atomistic materialism" has definitely been refuted by the "double slit" experiment.

Let's hear it again. The materialist assumption of an objective, massive "physical reality" independent of mind (observation) is definitely and for all time refuted by the double slit experiment.

Originally the double slit experiment was devised merely to find out if light is a wave or a particle. But the results of the experiment defied logic, and as a side-effect ended up undermining the notion of an objective physical reality.

For example, a recent refinement of the "double slit" experiment definitely shows that observation determines the physical state of things not just in the present, but in the most remote past.

What is the source of observation? Who is the observer? Where is this observer? When is the observer?

Don't know! The double slit experiment doesn't tell us any of that. Yet, isn't it clear that this "one" Awareness is closer to you than your own nostrils and eyelids?

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