The True Meaning of Emptiness

Roshi: All the Buddhas have taught Liberation, attained just by way recognizing and abiding in the natural state.

Student: Liberation from what?

R: From obsessive habitual thinking. There is nothing else that cages up the bird of your spirit.

S: I've heard that all the Buddhas taught "emptiness"!

R: Emptiness is taught to shatter the chain of thinking and dispel all views. This teaching of Emptiness is merely therapeutic. Sunyata is medicine for the poison of words and concepts, names and forms. Voidness isn't a thing. Once you're cured, stop taking the medicine.

S: That's all?

R: That's it! By contemplating the Prajnaparamita teachings you will be delivered suddenly from your ingrained thinking and deranged inherited views, and will thereby attain an "Emptiness" in which there is no trace of the concept "Emptiness." Your mind will just be natural and straightforward as a wheelwright's putting a wheel on a cart, or a potter shaping a bowl. "When mind and body attain spontaneity, the Way is realized." (Huang-Po). This is the true meaning of Emptiness.

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