Shibumi-Ki-Do Zen

if you are standing
rest your mind
not on the thought
I am standing
but on the standing itself
inconceivable bliss

if you are walking
rest your mind wholly
in the subtle movements
of your field of vision
& the quick changes of pressure
inside your ears
until you wake up with a start
& laughter flows out

if you are thinking too hard
& so can't sleep
deep in the night
count down slowly
from 108
putting all attention & intent
on the numbers singly one by one
& soon all thinking will go
& your breathing will deepen & relax
& you will experience a quiet simplicity
an indescribable elegance

if you are sitting
let your breathing go
& rest your mind entirely
in your whole body
without trying to hold it
in one place or another
& your innate being
will awaken in a throb of clear bliss

if you are practicing
with the sword
rest your mind
exactly as in sitting upright
& your whole body
will fill with springing energy

in breathing yoga
breathe in lightly but deeply
as if to take in the whole universe
& breathe out with quiet force
as if to impress your will on God

or just put your attention in front of you
& simply rest it there
extending inconceivably before your brows
& also on all sides, & up & down, 360 degrees
& you will suddenly taste
the bliss of the ever-rising Innate
a pure display of color, sound & form
untouched by thought

putting oil in your lamp
day & night like this
will make the wick burn bright & pure
your whole universe
revealed as the boundless circle
of inconceivable radiance

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