Lin-chi's Titleless Man (Iron Flute 57.)

Lin-chi once said to his monks, “A titleless man lives upon flesh and blood, going out or coming in through the gateways of your face. Those who have not witnessed this fact, discover it this minute!”

A monk stood up and asked. “Who is a titleless man?”

Lin-chi suddenly came down from his chair, seized the monk by the collar of his robe, and exclaimed, “Speak! Speak!”

The monk was dumbfounded for a moment, so Lin-chi slapped him and said: “This titleless man is good for nothing!”

The titleless man is at peace with all happenings, free of labels, goes & comes as he pleases like a flash of autumn lightning. He is good because he is nothing. Speak or get slapped. Master Lin-chi knew the essence of the tea ceremony. "Cool in summer, warm in winter; flowers from the field; prepare for rain; enjoy a sip of tea together."

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