Two of Joshu

Once, an old woman entered the monastery after dark.
Joshu said, "What are you doing here?"
The old woman said, "I came for a night's lodging."
Joshu said, "What do you think this place is?"
The old woman laughed loudly and left the mountain.

Joshu's most violent encounter. He almost lost his head. But the old woman was kind to the old monk, and abandoned the battle before it was over.

Someone asked, "The full moon in the middle of the sky -- where does its light originate?"
Joshu said, "Where does the full moon in the middle of the sky originate?"
[To which I ask, "Where does the sky originate?"]

Ten of this one, ten thousand of all the others.
Twilight. An old woman boils up a pot of water.
The moon is brilliant & clear,
but all the bamboo stalks are ink-black.

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