Take no Notice

Ch'an master Hui Chueh of Lang Yeh mountain had a woman disciple who called on him for instruction. The master taught her to examine into the words: "Take no notice." She followed his instruction strictly without backsliding.

One day, her house caught fire, but she said: "Take no notice.'" Another day, her son fell into the water and when a bystander called her, she said: "Take no notice.'"She observed exactly her master's instruction by laying down all causal thoughts.

One day, after her husband lit the fire to make fritters of twisted dough, she threw into the pan full of boiling oil a batter which made a noise. Upon hearing the noise, she was instantaneously enlightened. Then she threw the pan of oil on the ground, clapped her hands and laughed.

Thinking she was insane, her husband scolded her and said: "Why do you do this? Are you mad?"

She replied: "Take no notice." Then she went to master Hui Chueh and asked him to verify her achievement.

The master confirmed it

-Charles Luk, Ch'an and Zen Teaching: First Series

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