Owl Shaman Myths

The Owl Shamans say in their myths:

the Primordial Being (the Great Grandmother Owl) mysteriously formed while sleeping in her unbroken Egg secure in the Nest of the Dark a whimsical intent to see, hear, taste, smell and touch and this intent formed as a dream, with dreaming as its only substance, a dreaming desire, and out of this dream came a ringing, and the universe rang like a bell, it shivered, and it woke up as specks of foam on a vast sea, and the specks were drawn together by whirlpools and formed whirling Light realms, and within these Light realms the Great Owl's intention split into as many illuminating rays as the rising sun has, as many as the white feathers on a Great Horned Owl's back, and wherever these rays shone they turned into owls, brilliantly aware with the keenest owl senses, getting born from eggs, learning to fly and hunt, flying, hunting, mating, building nests, raising young, sleeping, dying, in all the forests of every Light realm for all of time. Yet all this owl-ing happened not in reality but merely in the dream of the Great Grandmother Owl resting secure in her Egg in the Nest of the Dark.

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