The Yoga of Vivid Awareness

"Awareness IS the Self." -Shiva Sutras

"It [Awareness] is free of thought-constructs and precedes all mental representation of any objects." -Abhinavagupta

"The yogi remains fully fixed in Shiva [groundless vast Awareness], relishing the objects of sense that spontaneously appear before him." -Abhinavagupta

"Demons in dusty Buddha masks, dancing." -DSZ

To "divide, compare, conceptualize, exclude, demean, etc." is the unending function of "discriminating mind," "living" via words and labels.

But Awareness that has been divided up and conditioned by words and labels and distorted by fearful & anxious emotions is still intrinsically pure.

The School of Zen, the School of Atiyoga, the School of Shiva -- all the same Great Way, all relying on naked and boundless Awareness.

If you remain alertly in Awareness all of today you will note both a wondrous relaxing of stress and long periods of bare clarity, "no-thinking."

If you continue to remain fixed in Awareness no matter what happens around you this is Dhyana (Zen), and you'll begin not to identify "I" and "mine."

The result of doing such Yoga of Awareness is great joy, alert stability and ease -- Sahaja Nirvana, which cannot be given by any dogma and is beyond all teachings.