Nirvana means the "cessation" or "blowing out" -- phooof -- of the self-clinging "kleshas" (Greed, Hatred & Delusion) that make one so uneasy.

Blow them out in one breath, like the candles on your birthday cake!

This Nirvana is a perfectly wonderful goal in every possible way. By attaining Nirvana (the natural, Sahaja state), one lives joyfully, obsessed only by sheer wonder.

Having attained Nirvana, one can develop abilities & approaches to help others attain it, & that's arguably even more wonderful.

To realize true "selflessness" right in the mythical here-now is great bliss, great awareness, & the source of unbelievable equanimity & strength.

But the "hijacking" of Nirvana by religious greed, hatred of "others" & religious ego is unfortunately widespread.

You ask: How can Nirvana be the goal of a small "self"? It can't.

Then whose goal can "Nirvana" be?

"Don't know! But here's a clue:
Right now, at this very instant, who are you?"

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