Witch Warrior Lore

Witch Warrior lore says that every human being is enveloped by a clear luminous globe-like halo, and that this halo creates what we sometimes call the mind or heart or inner being. In essence, this halo is nothing more than the ability to perceive a "world" outside as well as objects said to be within the mind (such as words you have learned or events or things that happened in the past). Those who sense it keenly call it the Naked Seer, the Clear Body, or the Luminous One. Since the Naked Seer's mediation is natural and seamless, people tend to forget about it altogether and instead start believing that "feelings" and "thoughts" are located "inside" the body, maybe in the chest or even, some say, inside the brain matter of the skull, and that objects and other beings are outside. They are not. The truth is that you can only sense, imagine, dream, feel, believe, and think due to the miraculous presence of the enveloping light body. Your brain material only sends its light out through your eyes and your fleshly heart only goes on beating because of the Luminous One. However, since all perceptions seem to appear "inside" the person perceiving, there are those who deny the existence of the Clear Body altogether. Beginning early in childhood the clear globe begins to lose its perfect transparency and purity. Gradually, if you stumble into the error of believing there is an inner "I" that is the center of all its experiences and solely responsible for thoughts and feelings, your light body will begin to shrink and to lose its lustre like a mirror covered with thick dust, and sometimes this awful process goes so far that the person's globe actually becomes almost opaque, and then the witches, shaking their heads and spitting to ward off the Evil Ear, say that the affected person is stumbling through life blind, deaf, and drunk -- if not demonic -- dead to the manifold life-vibrations or Arisings that can only be transformed into a mind's bright awareness through the medium of a Luminous One.

Space and even time itself appear solely through the medium of the Clear Body; these do not "exist."

Imagine ducking into your lodge from outdoors. Before you enter, nothing in the lodge exists except, perhaps, as a diffused, flowing, fog-like energy. But as soon as the rays emanated by this energy enter your halo, they get "translated" and fixed as sense impressions and solid objects -- bedding, robes, feathers, weapons, a drum, a flute, a firepit containing ashes and bits of deer bone. Such is the effortlessly miraculous work of the Naked Seer. She is the Spell Writer who can draw a perfect circle in one motion.

Some very ancient witches of that tribe taught there "is" only a single Luminous One beyond any words and ideas. According to this teaching, no different or seperate Clear Bodies ever existed or will ever exist. Nor does the Unknowable Clear Body hold a flesh-body or any lesser body whatsoever. Such a thought is said to be bizarre and perverse. The flesh body, all the worlds it supposedly perceives, and even the plurality of halos sensed by the Witch Warriors are merely hallucinations caused by nothing and producing no effect, like white clouds that appear and dissolve in the vast sky. The clouds drift away but the clear brilliant sky remains.

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