The Clear Form of Ultimate Bliss

What do you see? Maybe a mountain appearing and disappearing through many layers of white cloud?

Such a form appears to and in the mind and nowhere else. The mountain-seen-through-drifting-clouds is not there. It is an illusion, a wonderful dream given birth by many constituent elements of perception.

Samantabhadri is creating this appearance out of nothing, with wonderful grace and clarity. It's Her only way of making love to Her "Sky-Clad" Lord Samantabhadra.

Such an illusion as this one appearing like solidity on the screen of Consciousness is just one more beautiful and moving instance of the CLEAR FORM OF ULTIMATE BLISS, which actually resides in the Heart of Emptiness as Nirvana.

This is exactly the same as the DHARMA-MEGHAH, or DHARMA RAIN-CLOUD.

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