It's sometimes claimed that Buddha taught an objective law of Karma
that shows how beings can be caught in their own delusions
and, committing bad actions, fall into desperate states.
But nothing could be further from truth.
There are no separate beings, no delusions, no good or bad actions,
no objective phenomena, no desperate or blissful states.
Only the deep subtle workings of the Mind-essence.
To say that the mind is different than the body is dualism;
to say it is the same is nihilism.
Buddha saw into the essence underlying both:
he saw that it is miraculous and clear, auspicious and ultimately real.
Everything emerges from this essence; nothing can ever be experienced without it.
The deep and subtle workings of this mystery cannot be covered by a Teaching.

According to Zen Master Hakuin,
meditation IN ACTION
is the most sublime meditation.

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