The Zen of Fucking

[A NOTE OF WARNING: If you have reached this page from Reddit's ludicrous /r/Zen forum -- or what I call "the Buji clown circus" -- be aware that this article is likely to be so over your head you won't understand it even if you reread it ten thousand times. There are 84,000 Dharma gates in Buddhism. Each gate leads to sudden enlightenment. But one who has experienced this is said to be "like a mute eating a bitter melon." The lightning like experience of wu (Japanese: satori) -- also called "sudden entry as if with a sharp cleaver" -- cannot be verbalized.  Also, it is well known that any student who attempts to enter into the depths of Zen without having first developed some meditative stability is liable to go insane. The use of sexual expedients in particular is not recommended for the shallow or the weak-minded. "Cut off thinking; keep unmoving mind." This takes power and fanatical dedication. As the Chinese Masters used to say at the end of every Dharma talk: "Please take care of yourselves."]

Going up and down the mountains,
attain not-walking by way of hard walking (kufu, effort).
Bare attention leads to formless form;
in realization, all straining drops away --
an arrow shot straight and fast; the bow relaxes.
Sweat falls from your face; it's hot in the sunlight.
Your whole body shivers; it's cold in the shade.
Satisfy unending desires by facing passion squarely.
Who is it in here, wanting this or that?
Is he inside the passions, or outside them?
Once the lover is grasped, and the two become "one"
who knows who's who, what's what or how anything really is?

Zen doesn't leave out any activity, including sexual activity. This little set of instructions is designed to help you use sexual activity in order to attain the Zen goal, which is to "cast away all things, become without thought and without mind." You can use the sexual act to do this. A famous Zen master achieved Satori while penetrating a prostitute in a brothel. Everything was suddenly clear; sudden realization threw out the dirty dish-water of discriminating consciousness. From one end of the universe to another there was only an erect cock going into a soaked and welcoming cunt. Amazing! Take away the cock and the cunt, and is the master's Satori still real?

Relax into bare attention. Facing a wall, or facing a sky, or a forest or a lake -- it doesn't matter, so long as you resolutely cut off the mind that looks at "this and that" in turn, and instead rely on the mind that "sees all at once." To rely on this mind you will have to "hear the sound of one hand clapping" and taste the cold radish of Emptiness, which is not as easy as it sounds. By "facing the here and now" and whatever filth or allure happens to be in it with bare unbroken attention you will "cast off all things, become without thought and without mind." "The cat dish is broken/and the mouse eats cat food." Does this take a day? A month? A year? Who knows? Eventually this hard effort (kufu) will cut off mental grasping at names-and-forms. When no mental grasping occurs, the lightning of Wu/Satori discloses Original Mind Nature, which is the substance of the whole universe.

In the dirty sidestreet brothel,
the attractive whore squats over a bucket
to wash out the sperm of a dozen filthy men.

That's one poem. Here's another:

The moon appears and vanishes in gliding clouds.
The stars glitter in a pool of rain water.

A true lover is dangerous. Are you ready for this razor sharp sword edge? When you rely on naked gaze and astonished speechlessness, you will find the way to ecstasy -- but also to infinity, the extinguishing of any "person, self, soul or living being" to be blown this way or that by passions. In a word, Nirvana! Svaha!

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