Mural of a Tibetan Yogin doing some Trul Khor style Pranayama.

This is a note on the use of Pranayama (or whatever you would like to call it) for shattering the mountains and rivers and the whole earth, disclosing the primordial essence of mind in a single instant as the Dharmadhatu.

"Prime the pump" first by breathing in slowly & deeply with fine attention to the flow of the breath into the body & the expansion of all the channels. Yet the out-breathing should be cool, natural & relaxed. It is as if you were accumulating a blazing fire in the Tanden area, compressed at the bottom of your breathing. Every breath adds to it and with each breath your awareness should become keener.

The in-breaths should be done in a series. How many repetitions? It depends on how much energy you need to accumulate in the lower Tanden. Only you can know this.

At a certain point, after you've done a series of these deep, slow, profoundly aware in-breaths, maybe ten or maybe twenty-five, suddenly make the out-breath an explosive "Ha!"

At this point your usual dualistic mind will shatter & you will instantaneously taste the realm of "suchness." To put it another way, you will experience Great Awareness, Great Energy & Great Space all as one sphere of absolute reality.

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