Shouting "Ha!"

Master Kyong Ho
When the ordinary man begins the practice of meditation, he may feel that there are things to be practiced and things to be realized. But if he should have a great Enlightenment he would understand that there is nothing to practice and nothing to realize. This is because nothing affects the Truth. Although there is neither more of the True nature in the Accomplished One, nor less of it in the ordinary man, he who has not awakened to the Self-nature is an ordinary man, and he who has awakened to it is a great accomplished one. Even though this nature is without deepness or shallowness, if because of gradual practice and gradual awakening the enlightenment is shallow, then he is called a sage; if because of sudden practice and sudden awakening there is penetrative understanding, then he is called a Great Accomplished One. Although the Dharma is without more or less, a person might, according to his practice and realization, be satisfied with only a little.

A man of deep roots and great wisdom is different. As soon as he hears a kung-an he establishes his mind like a mountain and settles his mind like the sea. He keeps only the hau-t'ou raised before him as if he were deaf or dumb. Since he has not yet been able to understand the reiterated instructions of the Buddhas and Patriarchs, he cannot but have a doubt. He is constantly doubting and constantly probing as if trying to save his burning head. Suddenly one morning he shouts "Ha!" and heaven and earth are overturn. He enters into a place unfathomable by others, and after a laugh alone, he only smiles. When he has reached that stage he can taste for himself without one iota of difference, the flavor of the sincere words of the Buddda and Patriarchs.

-Master Ku San, Nine Mountains

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