The Little Manual of Shibumi Ki Do

Stress is the number one killer of people in modern societies.

What would it be worth to you, to learn how to rid yourself of all stress?

Stress comes from the mind. Liberation is accomplished through the body.

I've drawn on my experience of Zen, Taoist and Indian tantra ways of meditation to create a simple program that, once learned, you can use at any time you need it to rid your body totally of stress.

How is this miracle done? By forgetting mind.

Be enlightened. Be liberated. Be refreshed!

I call this approach Shibumi Ki Do and there is a Little Manual for it.

It is not religious or sectarian. It requires no special beliefs or miraculous abilities.

Eventually there will be a longer manual, maybe one day even a Complete Manual.

Live & take comfort! Thou hast great allies.

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