Crimes & Tulkus: Poisonous Snakes in Buddhist Robes

[June, 2011]

Some people have asked me if I’m the “man named Andrew Wilson” that a certain tulku named "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo" (aka Catharine Burroughs, aka Alyce Zeoli, &c.) is mentioning on her Web site as having had his house searched by the FBI for evidence relating to the purported crimes of another man named “William Cassidy,” aka "Tenpa Rinpoche." I am that Andrew Wilson. But I don’t know anything about any cyberstalking crimes by a William Cassidy.

I do know something about being criminally cyberstalked, however, because for almost a whole year a group of saffron-robed psychopaths stalked me (although I’d blocked them and all their ilk) through various official and anonymous Twitter accounts and through anonymous hate blogs on which they posted many of my Zen “tweets” accompanied by the most outrageously foolish, not to mention slanderous, commentary.

According to these "Buddhist" stalkers -- headed by a crazy looking lady wearing a crown and too much make-up, a mousy little man in monk's robes and a vicious child molester, also defiling the robes of a Buddhist monk -- my Twitter page was actually authored by William Cassidy, and the various different handles and avatars I went through to try to get clear of their relentlessly negative attentions were all William Cassidy’s “sock puppets,” and my insistence on remaining anonymous behind names like “Akebonojishi” and “Mujinkyo” was all by itself absolute and conclusive proof that I must really be Tenpa Rinpoche trying to pull a fast one on the whole world. It seems not to have occurred to these racketeering frauds that my insistence on anonymity was precisely a way of trying to keep the emphasis off my "self" and on what I have to say (about Zen). But logic has never been the strong suit of religious fanatics.

So incensed were the bizarre and unwholesome Bogus-sattvas by my continued presence on Twitter that last spring and summer they resorted to harassing almost every single Twitter user who RTd or even spoke to me. Many of the people they harassed got quite spooked by it, so it became almost impossible at times for me to reach anyone with my notes and comments on Zen and Ki training. (A pity, since the techniques I show people how to do actually work, and nobody even has to pay to support my lavish Guru lifestyle.) They particularly swarmed, attacked and mocked anyone who dared to call me "Sensei" or thanked me for helping out with a specific problem. Their paranoia rose to an obsessive crescendo of mean-spirited ridicule and tiresome victim-babble that was endlessly echoed and amplified by a beggar's chorus of the organization's so-called nuns, each with her own Twitter page devoted to singing the Guru's praises and savaging the Guru's purported enemies.

I've never experienced any Internet madness quite like it. The threatening rage and vituperation on open display from a rural Maryland rattler's nest of "Vajrayana Buddhists" was surreal, David Lynch-esque even. Many of the tweets were disturbing, threatening messages hinting obscurely at magical attacks, promising the most extreme karmic retribution, and prophesying a long stay in Vajra Hell. But there were also more routine threats of the "we-know-where-you-live" and "we-have-people-on-the-payroll-who-take-care-of-people-like-you" variety. (The "Mafia" style tweets felt especially dissonant coming from smiling nuns.) Naturally, I've already downloaded hundreds of pages of this stupefying horse-shit from Twitter and Google caches, and will be making it available to the right people as and when needed.

Those same unbelievably sad, bewildered and angry co-conspirators now claim that even though it has been proven beyond any possible doubt that I was not, as they swore up down and sideways to everyone who would listen (including the FBI), William Cassidy himself, still I must somehow be connected to the man, who is sitting in jail right now -- and they publish their ignorant, libelous opinion about a person unknown to them along with my name on the official blog of their purported Sangha. Psychopath that she is, the tulku in question still often mentions me and sometimes RTs my tweets mockingly on her Twitter page, never mind that she is now and always has been "blocked," and uses the same type of inflammatory language about me as before. Neither the mentally deranged tulku nor the emotionally and intellectually stunted monk capo nor the now-jailed child rapist have yet acknowledged any error in judgement, nor offered the barest hint of an apology. But at some point they did quietly remove every last scrap of the "hard evidence" supposedly proving that I am William Cassidy they'd posted on their anonymous "Protecting Nyingma" attack blog. Weird! I wonder why they would do a thing like that!

[Update, added 2015]

The Kunzang Palyul Choling cult has in the past targeted many other people with the same evil tactics. So far, I seem to be the only one apart from William Cassidy who has ever publicly stood up to them. My insolent rejoinders to their cyber-attacks apparently drove cult members into such a frenzy that, following William Cassidy's release from federal lock-up in December of 2011 (with all charges struck down by a judge whose decision showed nothing but scorn for the government's bogus "case"), they began accusing me of conspiring with the man to fly mysterious helicopters around the rural Maryland temple compound, suggested in their anonymous attack blog that I ought to "feel the sharp edge of a knife," and even went so far as to drop the name of my girlfriend in a distinctly threatening way. But as a result of my very public online appeals to Gyatrul Rinpoche and His Holiness Karma Kuchen, all the Twitter feeds and blogs of the Kunzang Palyul Choling cult went completely silent about me in May 2012. (Top down operation. Shh.) Shortly after, the temple had to close its doors for lack of donations, and the temple remains closed. It seems most people would rather donate to a Buddhist temple that does not deal in threats, cyberbullying, stockpiling of weapons and multiple counts of child-rape.

Since that time, another blustering Vajrayanist named Bill Schwartz has intermittently tried to keep "Jetsunma's" jihad against William Cassidy and myself alive on Twitter and his foolish argumentative blog. It's high time for serious Vajrayana students to intervene and put a muzzle on this rabid pit-Bill. If you're going to have a party and break all the wine glasses, don't rely on Zen poets to do the sweeping up for you the next morning.

“Purify your mind! Do no evil, do only good. That is the whole teaching of the Buddha.”

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