Song of the Satguru

"You are no object.
Not this body or brain, not even this mind.
For how can what is transient
define who you are?

Where were You before
the birth of this whole universe --
or the last one, or the next?
To and in whom
does anything ever appear?

See forms as having the same nature as sounds.
Everything happens like lightning and is gone.
How can what changes so quickly
be said to be your true Self?

You are neither long nor short,
neither hot nor cold,
neither old nor young,
neither eternal nor temporary --
not being not not being.

Only this pure, self-originating Awareness is real,
because it alone endures all changes.
It is always fresh, always new --
yet when have you been without It?

There is nothing perceptible in Perceiving.
It's because objects are always changing
that you can become aware of the changeless You.
Unchanging, you do not exist in "time" or "space";
this pure perceiving is not subjected to what it perceives!

Listen! I am That in and to which all appears,
the naked Experiencing of all experiences.
How can I claim I exist or not
when all that exists or not appears only in Me?

To whom shall I bow, or not bow,
when I am only This marvelous space
in which Seeing, Hearing, Smelling,
Tasting, Touching, & Imagining go on always?

Profound, lofty and serene am "I" --
undefinable, blissful and empty --
like the sky in which white clouds drift so senselessly
up and down, back and forth!"


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