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More offensive and creepy nonsense today from the vicious, fascistic, cowardly and erotically frustrated "Buddhist monk" David Williams (or "Gonpo Yeshe," since every white religious psycho in the world now has to have an honorary Tibetan name), the undercover author of anonymous Kunzang Palyul Choling attack blog "Protecting Nyingma."

David Williams seems upset that I posted a link on Twitter to a blog entry by Tenpa Rinpoche (this, as you can see for yourself, is a post strictly about rabbits, nothing to do with fascistic cults):

"Protecting Nyingma" is the very blog on which, from 2009-2010, David Williams anonymously posted literally hundreds of screenshots from my Twitter account "proving" beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was the man named William Cassidy, aka Tenpa Rinpoche. Shudder!

Along with posting endless screenshots of my tweets surrounded by his tiresome, hateful and sado-masochistic commentary, David Williams and Alyce Zeoli, aka "Jetsunma Akhon Lhamo," along with now-jailed monk child molester John Buhmeyer, directed well over 10,000 creepy attack tweets at me from both official and anonymous KPC Twitter accounts and many rambling verbal attacks posted on multiple weird anonymous blogs. Not only that, but this mentally disturbed trio systematically attacked, mocked, and sometimes actually threatened anyone who supported or defended or even so much as "retweeted" me.

When they couldn't drive me offline, Zeoli and Williams -- with the help of an extremely high profile "boutique" ("Über-expensive") Washington law firm -- manipulated a naive and credulous FBI agent into believing that I had something to do with William Cassidy, who they claimed was "stalking" Alyce Zeoli. I didn't. But that didn't stop them from continuing to defame and slander me even as Cassidy sat in a federal prison for 10 months, until Federal Judge Roger W. Titus of Maryland tossed out the case as the pile of total stinking Tulku horseshit it was. (Note the complete lack of ambiguity in Judge Titus' words: "the government’s indictment here is directed squarely at protected speech: anonymous, uncomfortable Internet speech addressing religious matters.")

And now -- schoolyard taunts. ("Andrew and Cassidy sitting in a tree . . . " No offense, but I'd rather sit in a tree with Tenpa Rinpoche than with "Jetsunma.")

In his vile rant, "Gonpo Yeshe" makes the absurd claim that I spend my time on Twitter talking about his Guru. Just a glance at my Twitter page proves this to be false. My interest in Vajrayana, cults, and Tibetan Buddhist politics is nil. I write about Zen and encourage people to practice hard and wake up. Buddhists are not supposed to be deliberate, incorrigible liars. But the Kunzang Palyul Choling is not a true Buddhist sangha.

David Williams, aka "Gonpo Yeshe" claims that I made "threats" against "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo." There is a legal definition to the word "threat," and zero evidence to support David Williams' mad hyperbole. I did not join but reacted to "an onslaught" of creepy stalking, defamation, threats and active interference in my life (from David Williams, among others, using an approach quite similar to the garbage he's posting on "Protecting Nyingma" right now) -- sometimes with pleas, sometimes satire, sometimes harsh-sounding words. Nothing worked. That "onslaught" is still going on, which is why I'm appealing to Karma Kuchen Rinpoche and Gyatrul Rinpoche to intervene.

By the way, I've never spoken to or communicated in any way with William Cassidy, but I'd be willing to bet the "tweets" that landed him in the clink were actually written by his consort Nydia Alexander, a refugee former nun from the KPC cult. This is just my opinion gleaned from Web research. It's a fact, however, that Nydia Alexander was ruthlessly stalked and terrorized by her former Guru "Jetsunma" after leaving the doomsday Sedona, Arizona compound to live with Tenpa Rinpoche in the high desert. And Cassidy, rather romantically in my view, did his time without ratting her out to the feds. Just a thought.

Note that this particular post seems to have been written mainly to let me know that the cult has the name of my girlfriend.

I expect no less from the Kunzang Palyul Choling. After all, one of the three KPC members most deeply involved in stalking me in 2010 was a sinister "Buddhist monk" named John Buhmeyer aka "Palzang" -- who is now serving a 20 year sentence in Arizona for sexually molesting a young boy. It appears that when he wasn't excoriating me as a "fake" Zen teacher on Twitter at the urging of his Guru, "Palzang" was out prowling Arizona playgrounds in his monk's robes.

Maybe if "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo," in her capacity as "Founder and Spiritual Director" of the Kunzang Palyul Choling, had been more interested in the well-being of her students (as well as in protecting the children of Sedona, Arizona) than in what people were saying about her on the Internet, she might have been alert enough to prevent this colossal human tragedy. Who knows? In any case, might I suggest that she keep David Williams on a tight leash for the foreseeable future? Or would that be stepping over the line -- something like "casually" dropping my girlfriend's name on an anonymous attack-and-defamation blog?

I appreciate Zeoli and Williams' concern for my girlfriend's well-being, but they might have thought of it before they had screaming men in black invade our home and handcuff her at gunpoint -- on the morning after Valentine's Day (nice). She was a little worried by the senselessness of the raid and forces arrayed against us, but on December 16 of last year we laughed, relaxed, uncorked a bottle of good champagne, and read each other bits of Judge Titus' wonderful decision. (I believe that this was about the same time "Jetsunma" went "underground," running in feigned terror with her armed bodyguards from "safe house" to "safe house" -- at least when she wasn't on Twitter bewailing her karma and castigating Judge Titus for his basic sanity and common sense.)

Before going on with their moronic and tasteless cyberstalking of me via the poorly written "Protecting Nyingma" blog, Zeoli and Williams might want to stop to think about the fact that the FBI doesn't like to be manipulated or lied to by anyone -- especially when said lie puts lives at risk and costs the government untold hundreds of thousands of dollars -- meaning that both of them could both well end up wearing plastic bracelets themselves one fine day in the near future. (Remember, Alyce and David: your anonymous blog can be traced by a simple subpoena to Wordpress, and you're only one predawn federal raid away from having to show your bravery "non-anonymously!" My only advice to you is to make sure you shout loudly and clearly that you're unarmed -- and also be unarmed -- before coming out with your hands held high in the air.) Maybe I ought to buy another bottle of good champagne, just to be ready for that day.

The pitiable Kunzang Palyul Choling cultists, led by a heartless psychopath who never stopped cyberstalking me even after finding out I wasn't her nemesis William Cassidy, are cowards who rely mainly on intimidation to get what they want. If intimidation fails, they'll try slander, defamation, or a frame-up. But whatever it is they want from me, they're not going to get it. I am going to blithely continue to use my Twitter account to talk about Zen, Ki-training and Haragei (I'm actually writing a book on the subject right now) -- and, if and when the spirit moves me, I'll feel free to make fun of cults, crowns, clowns, horse's ass monks, psychopathic Tulkus and whatever else.

And it goes without saying that although I don't know William Cassidy personally, if I happen to feel like tweeting a link to the man's blog because I liked his post about rabbits, I am naturally going to do so. If all this upsets a certain Tulku and entourage, the whole group of whacked out religious freaks can always stop reading my Twitter page.(That's, after all, why I "blocked" them -- to spare them the frustration of reading material they can't possibly understand or ever benefit from. To achieve Kensho and liberation one must begin from a ground state of basic sanity and goodness.)

Oh, and the "Protecting Nyingma" blog page? As the use of personal information in this way suggests the possibility of a threat, it's going to my lawyers and to the local police.


A Note on Deconstructing Cult Psyops: The Kunzang Palyul Choling cult has a specific electronic M.O. they use against critics and perceived enemies -- namely to try to invade the mental space of their target with disturbingly juxtaposed words and images, such as the combination of an "erotic" image with a taunting nursery rhyme, and then to build paranoia in an off-the-cuff manner by mentioning anonymous "investigators" and hinting at the cult's immense power, money and legal resources.

Sometimes, it's true, they step over the line into stark absurdity. Marvel, for instance, at this brazen appropriation by Alyce Zeoli and David Williams of the official seal of the U.S. Marshal's service to decorate their crude, poorly written anonymous slander blog:

(Side note to Zeoli and Williams: the U.S. Marshals didn't charge William Cassidy with anything -- it was the FBI. So why not cut and paste the FBI's official seal onto your anonymous hate page? Try it out. Go on; I double dare you!)

Because Alyce Zeoli doesn't meditate or have a job or actually teach any Dharma, she's enjoyed plenty of free time over the years to work on refining Voodoo-style Psyop warfare techniques. Seems ridiculous, yet some people are very, very frightened by this cheap stuff. Although a wash-out as a Buddhist teacher, I'll give her these props: she's a genius at cyberstalking -- the consummate Web psychopath. Take a look at these tweets from 2010. "Someone" created an anonymous Twitter account using the maiden name of William Cassidy's deceased mother to harangue him from "the beyond":

Am I wrong, or is that some kind of tasteless and evil shit right there? (Note that these tweets are all Replies to @Akebonojishi -- my Twitter handle at the time. Alyce Zeoli had recently announced to her cult followers with absolute certainty that @Akebonojishi's Twitter page was being run by the "demonic" Tenpa Rinpoche. I soon changed my Twitter handle because I was getting creeped out by all this unwanted interference from crazy people.)

My personal feeling, and it is a strong one based on having been harassed by many similar anonymous accounts, is that these tweets were written by Alyce Zeoli herself.

When I asked the FBI agent in charge of the faux-"investigation" into William Cassidy's supposed cyberstalking of Alyce Zeoli if she'd ever taken a look at the @haunted_spirit Twitter account, she gave me an evasive non-answer and changed the subject. Yet it would be simple to subpoena Twitter for the e-mail address and IP information used in setting up these stalker pages.

(Perhaps some of my readers are with law-enforcement. Suppose some enterprising FBI agent decided to pursue this lead only to discover, hello, that @haunted_spirit and a number of other anonymous Twitter stalker accounts can be traced directly back to the Kunzang Palyul Choling's Maryland compound? Suppose law enforcement then raided said compound -- well armed and in tactical gear, of course, and under cover of darkness, because there are rumors that the KPC stockpiles weapons -- in order to search "Jetsunma's" personal computers? Suppose they then discovered that the IP addresses matched up? Would this not be an open-and-shut case of fraud, deception, racketeering, stalking, and lying to federal agents? Note that this is just a hypothetical thought experiment. I wish actual pre-dawn FBI raids on nobody.)

For those disturbed by all the cult psycho stuff, and I agree it is disturbing, please keep in mind that there is absolutely nothing "Jetsunma" and her cultists can do to you -- buffaloing an FBI agent to raid someone's home is a tactic they can only use once in this whole century, and they've already used it! And look, I'm no worse for the wear. The Zen of direct realization is supreme. They're nothing but cowards, flinching at their own shadows. If you believe Buddhist teachings, their evil karma is going to sink them all into a dark Hell Realm, but who knows whether that will happen before or after their criminal antics land them in saffron-colored jumpsuits? As Nietzsche said, it's little conundrums like this that make life so undeniably colorful and worth living.

For more about the criminal activity of an infamous Tulku and the ill-conceived, deranged and mistaken FBI raid on my home, please see: "The Deadly Viper Assassination Buddhists" "Open Message to Karma Kuchen Rinpoche", "Crimes & Tulkus" and "A Short Interview with Andrew Wilson (February 15, 2011)"

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