Buddha Dharma

The Buddha's Dharma is simple and it is easy and delightful to put into practice.

Clinging/grasping to any aspect of this transitory cluster of elements (including any state of being or mind, any apparent form, any title or name, any reputation, any system of ideas, any teaching) as "I" or "mine" is what produces mental anguish. The Mad Monkey Mind does an antic dance with fire and leaping shadows.

By sitting down with the stillness of a blue mountain and meditating intensely on the experience (not a Mad Monkey idea) of impermanence and the inherent lack of "I" or "mine" in this transitory cluster of elements one can, with sufficient energy and resolve, achieve liberation -- the "cessation" of clinging/grasping to mere phenomenal appearances as "I" and "mine."

(But why should anyone presumptuously tell You ahead of time what Your experience will be? Maybe You won't experience "impermanence" and "no-self" at all! Maybe your experience will be too amazing to put into words, and you'll just laugh and cry like an idiot!)

That's when the Full Moon of Enlightenment glides out from behind angry, obscuring clouds. The demon's frown vanishes. The Buddha Dhatu shines as naturally brilliant, majestically clear and naked Awareness. Just This As It Is. Amazing! When was it ever lost? It's been here all along.

Then there is nothing else to do but live life in the fresh brilliance of Muga Mushin -- and, perhaps, should the opportunity appear, do whatever seems possible to help other people also achieve THIS.

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