Cult-and-Paste: Protecting Nyingma from Andrew Wilson

Note: Each time I've posted links to any of my blog pieces dealing with the KPC cult on "Buddhist" chat boards, I've caused amazement and gained sympathy, but sometimes I have also drawn some fire from Buddhists for supposedly violating the Buddhist rule of "Right Speech" in my dealings with the KPC and its psychopath leader, "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo." I've actually been told that the proper response to the cult's attacks would have been to withdraw politely and completely from the whole Internet. (Interestingly, I know of people under attack from the KPC who did just this; but it didn't keep the cult from continuing to malign them and others.) So, the last time I posted this essay, I also noted in the "Comments" section the following points:
This piece describes, rather elaborately, and maybe in too much detail, the aggressive misdeeds of a certain weird and vicious "Tibetan Buddhist" cult. (There's not a single actual Tibetan among them; nor, as you'll see, even one actual "Buddhist.")

I hasten to deal at the outset with possible questions and criticisms, to save us both time.

Am I lying? No. Everything I say can be verified. Why would I lie about shit like this?

Did I "have it coming" or "do something to deserve it"? Rather insulting. In the old days, all abused people were all said to have done something wrong to invite the abuse. (Thus, a woman's skirt was too short, so she was . . . A child sat on the wrong lap . . . Right? you get the idea.)

Also: If I did something to deserve the mistreatment, so has everybody else the cult has abused and mistreated. Hmm!

Are there "two sides" to the situation? Certainly there are innumerable sides to anything. You're welcome to take your pick.

Having said that, I'll quote a typical closing remark offered by many of the Zen Masters of China: please take care of yourselves.

I always welcome the chance to sharpen and clarify my online writings. Even people who disagree with me are my friends, so long as they are not insane sociopaths. In this spirit, I wrote the following more pointed reply to a novice Buddhist who was upset with me for my "judgmental attitude" toward the Kunzang Palyul Choling cultists and their ongoing deliberate, sadistic misdeeds:

The Kunzang Palyul Choling poses as a "Buddhist" group, preaching "right speech" (along with love, compassion, etc.) on its official Sangha Web page, yet in fact it is a top-down fascist-style cult that persecutes perceived enemies and critics relentlessly -- mocking, slandering, defaming, threatening, aggressively "investigating" and even trying to cause physical harm on top of mental torment. The cultists stockpile weapons and have a history of extreme criminal behavior that includes physical assault and child rape.

This is not assigning blame, but noting the simple facts. I didn't invent any of this. You can look it up on the Web and in various published books and articles.

What these strange people do is not a "misunderstanding." For example, they regularly threaten ex-members with lawsuits, physical violence, anonymous "investigators," "Vajra hell" and worse. They maintain a network of anonymously authored blogs to use in slandering people who displease the Guru, and they sometimes publish on these blogs the addresses of people they feel to be "against" them. They also publish photographs -- often showing the houses and cars of their enemies -- and various private documents, all surrounded by hateful and menacing commentary.

Due to the fact that their Leader made a mistake, I personally experienced the way the cult treats its supposed "enemies." I was amazed. Amazed. How could this go on? How could the Tibetan Rinpoches and lamas remain silent about this madness? How could they just look the other way and permit it to continue?

I experienced what it's like to be targeted by the KPC in its full shocking depth and reality before I ever said a harsh word to any of these people, before I ever threw any mockery or satire or sass their way. The truth is they were stalking and threatening people long before 2009, when they came after me.

Since writing about them on my DSZ blog I've heard from various people who used to be involved with the Sangha, left, and still live in fear of the Leader. One of these ex-members actually moved overseas because she was afraid of the cult. She tells me that the Leader sometimes still posts menacing messages in the "Comments" section of her personal blog, usually late at night.

If you want to claim that any of my occasional rough speech to the KPC cultists retroactively justifies their crazed attacks, or at least makes it a matter of "two sides equally in the wrong," then what about their countless evil attacks on many other people -- some of whom remained completely silent, some of whom deleted their Twitter accounts and e-mail addresses and blogs and left the Web to lie low, and some of whom responded with loving and noble words only to be further pursued and persecuted?

These people are out of control, is my basic point. I make so bold as to ask: What are Buddhists going to do about it?

But even if Buddhists do nothing about it (which seems to be the case) at least I've delivered a timely and very public warning to anybody who may be thinking about joining the KPC cult based on the Tulku mythology.

If I may go so far as to say so, the truth is that I've treated these deluded people with the greatest compassion, although I am not even a Buddhist. My blog posts and appeals to Gyatrul Rinpoche and Karma Kuchen et al have possibly checked some of their more extreme behavior, thereby (if you happen to believe in Buddhist doctrine) sparing them the karmic consequences of ongoing evil deeds.

Harshness of words or tone does not necessarily imply hatefulness -- if it did, then Tilopa was hateful, Hakuin was hateful, Ikkyu was hateful, etc. There is a long and notable tradition of "direct speech" in Zen.

Truly, I am not interested in taking part in the samsaric spin-cycle of "name and blame." I hold no grudges. If "Jetsunma" were to wake up tomorrow, regret and apologize for her negative and crazy actions, I would instantly become her friend -- a friend to them all. As a matter of fact, I told the KPC as much, clearly and publicly and much more than once. But they chose to select only my harsher rebukes for the Guru's chilling anonymous hate blog, "Protecting Nyingma."

I am already infinitely more of a friend to the KPC cultists than the higher up Nyingma lamas who ignore their misdeeds.Checking the evil actions of misguided people, in whatever way necessary, is compassion!

Who knows? Maybe it's actually my roughest comments to the Tulku and her crew that will lead to their eventual Enlightenment!
I will merely add this: By aggressively publicizing the crazed wrongdoing and hateful depredations of the sadistic KPC cult on my blog -- my posts have now been read by well over three hundred and fifty thousand people -- I've made it that much harder for the insane cultists to do to anyone else what they did to William Cassidy and what they tried to do to me. Any flak I had to take in this effort was 100 percent worth it.


In May, 2012, as I prepared to release about a thousand Web pages of cult stalking material I had downloaded in 2011 from the Google caches of many anonymous Kunzang Palyul Choling Twitter accounts and blogs (exactly as I always promised I would-- and not in some bogus "cut-and-paste" format either!) documenting once and for all the real malice-ridden depravity of this so-called "Buddhist" sangha, the anonymously authored cult defamation and hate blog "Protecting Nyingma" mounted a ludicrous preemptive strike with a barrage of posts mixing my past tweets (as @jyakunen) with tweets from @darth_tulku, a Twitter account I heard about once and followed then forgot -- cutting-and-pasting screenshots of the tweets I actually did write cleverly out of context, and framing some casual wisecracks and gibes exchanged with my good Twitter friends as "violent threats" to their Guru.

At "Jetsunma's" orders, the KPC cult quickly shifted gears from claiming that I was William Cassidy to run a new massive multi-blog campaign branding me as some nobody who, for no particular reason, set out in a malicious way to cause their Great Leader "substantial emotional distress." With the most absurd chutzpa they now accuse me of trying to kill their Guru by causing her to feel "stressed." How did I do this? By making sardonic jokes on my Twitter page using the #Tulku hashtag! "The Tulku from Ipanema," for example. "The Rocky Tulku Picture Show." "Monkey See, Monkey Tulku." This is just one more monotonous instance of the KPC's addiction to ludicrously extreme defamation, lying and slander. See my "Deconstructing a Cult's Psyops."

The truth is that everything I ever said about the cult or its insane and malicious Guru was in response to being ruthlessly cyberstalked, cyberthreatened, cyberharassed and cyberbullied by these idiots for over two years. Why? Because the all-wise Guru proclaimed publicly that I wasn't just a Zen poet but a clever "sock puppet" for her nemesis William Cassidy.

To stalk me and harass my friends throughout 2010 the KPC cultists used at least fifty different Twitter accounts and at least a dozen anonymous blogs. When they couldn't drive me offline, they tried to frame me up by giving a naive and credulous FBI agent some cherry-picked "tweets" from my Twitter page via their ruthless and extremely expensive Washington lawyer, Shanlon Wu, former legal counsel to Attorney General Janet Reno. The FBI agent swallowed "Jetsunma's" lies whole, and one result was that my house was invaded in the pre-dawn by federal ninjas and my girlfriend and I nearly got killed. My computers were seized as "evidence" in a bogus and farcical "investigation" to make a case against a man I don't even know named William Cassidy -- a case that was thrown out of court like the stupefying horseshit it was by federal judge Roger W. Titus, who didn't mince any words in his decision: "the government’s indictment here is directed squarely at protected speech: anonymous, uncomfortable Internet speech addressing religious matters."

Even as Cassidy sat in prison the cult Guru and her minions went on stalking and ridiculing me and harassing my friends on Twitter. They also posted my name on the official Web page of their Sangha as someone who was supposedly "involved" with the nefarious Cassidy. Actually, it was in response to this vicious use of my name that I wrote and published my very first blog post about the whole mess of steaming horseshit: "Crimes & Tulkus." The cyberslandering cultists should have just left me alone. Lately, I've been consulting with lawyers as to pressing charges and/or filing a civil suit over all this madness.

The Kunzang Palyul Choling cultists are mentally unhinged, vile, dishonest, and totally unrelenting, and I personally believe that they are all -- just like their child-rapist monk-compatriot John Buhmeyer aka "Palzang" -- bound for prison cells (or padded cells) quite soon.


By the way, note that @darth_tulku was actually run by ex-KPC nun Nydia Alexander, who also went on Twitter as @vajragurl,@crystalsally, @crystalshield, &c. Nydia Alexander lives with Tenpa Rinpoche (William Cassidy) in the California high desert. She became a favorite target of the only cyberstalking campaign in history ever to be run by a "Buddhist" leader -- "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo."

In response, Nydia went a little crazy on her former Guru and the insane cult minions who do the Guru's nefarious bidding. I believe that besides being indignant she was genuinely terrified.

I understand these feelings. Nydia Alexander was always outnumbered and outgunned by the Tulku and her minions. And her stalkers were, and still are, vindictive psychopaths. Here is @vajragurlpig, one of the KPC twitter accounts set up to mock and deride Nydia Alexander. Note the "followers" to this account -- and also who it "follows." Note that the very "description" of the account includes a death threat against Nydia Alexander.

Hmm. Did the naive FBI agent -- Jessica Nye -- see @vajragurlpig, or not? If she saw it, why didn't she file an affidavit for a criminal warrant against whoever wrote these tweets (a woman living in Maryland who goes by the initials A. Z., I'm guessing)? If she didn't see these tweets, why didn't she?

Nydia Alexander's angry tit-for-tat tweets in response to the cult's evil, unrelenting and obscene cyberstalking of her got falsely attributed to William Cassidy as part of a deliberate frame-up. In fact, the KPC thugs knew that most or all of the tweets in question were written by her. But they convinced a hand-picked FBI agent otherwise. As a result of the cynical frame-up, William Cassidy was arrested and sent in chains to a federal prison in Maryland where he stayed for 10 months until a federal judge threw the case out of court as a violation of his civil rights -- even if he had written the tweets he was accused of writing, which he didn't.

And that's what you missed last week on Glee. Forgive me for boring you with background. See my "Open Message to Gyatrul Rinpoche" for the concise version of how I was drawn into this mess and how a vindictive, mentally unstable but extremely wealthy religious leader tried to use the FBI to prosecute a personal vendetta and to commit an act of domestic terrorism.


Some people have questioned me as to why I seek any help on this issue at all. Wouldn't it be better to follow the example of the three wise Japanese monkeys?

Maybe, if this were a religious issue. The religious meaning of the monkeys' wisdom is clear. But this isn't a religious issue -- it's a matter of senseless criminal behavior by a cult that claims a religious exemption for their brutal, malicious and evil acts.

What's more, it would appear that I have no choice. I make my living writing for people. I get many of my clients on the Web. If someone who might be a client Googles me and sees that a "Tibetan Buddhist" group is claiming I'm flying helicopters around their compound, they might get confused. I have no choice but to put my story out there.

It's not that I seek publicity. Originally, my Zen blog was anonymous.

Nor is this a matter of emotional grievances or personal karma. I've written a letter to Gyatrul Rinpoche asking him to intervene in a situation that I believe should concern him (and perhaps you also, if you identify in any way with Tibetan Buddhism).

What's the situation? In a nutshell: a fanatical cult masquerading as Tibetan Buddhists is cyberstalking people, trying to interfere in their lives, and actually conspired to deceive an FBI agent in order to hurt their "enemy" -- a man named William Cassidy whom I've never met or spoken to. Because my blog was anonymous and their Leader made a mistake, I got targeted by the cultists. Since this group can't live without an enemy, they're targeting me again with a systematic hate-defamation-slander campaign. Their Leader does not admit to making mistakes.

These misdeeds by the KPC cultists are ongoing and serious. The compassionate and wise route isn't to ignore them, but to put a stop to it. My appeal to Gyatrul Rinpoche is aimed to do precisely that. Stopping this craziness will benefit me, but it will also benefit the cultists. I daresay it will even benefit the Dharma.


I've heard the theory that this unending slander and defamation of me by the KPC cultists, and the FBI raid on my home also, are all the result of my past-life karma, so I should accept it all without protest as part of my Buddhist training (though I'm not a Buddhist). "Jetsunma," the Taunting Tulku, herself lectured me on this point.

Yet another way of looking at the situation -- and one that is entirely compatible with Tibetan teachings -- is that my truly miraculous and excellent karma has put me in the enviable position of being able to put a stop to the criminal activities of a malicious pseudo-Buddhist cult, even if I had to take some heat to do so. Due to my compassionate and selfless work, these nastily-behaving lizards may yet achieve a better rebirth, find a more competent Guru endowed with sound teachings and authentic Tantra techniques, and attain Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi in only ten kalpas rather than ten billion. You're welcome.


The karmic theory used by feudal-thinking Buddhists runs pretty much as follows: "If you shake your ass in that short karmic skirt, you're to blame when you get raped."

Let's imagine you're walking down the street and a group of Buddhists attacks you. They begin punching and kicking you and calling you by someone else's name. "Bill," maybe. At first you tell them you're not Bill. Liar! they scream, and hit you harder. Then you beg them to stop, and they beat you even more mercilessly. Then you go into a state of equanimity and just accept that you're going to get hurt. But as soon as they note you've stopped caring about the beating they turn on the friends who were with you and begin beating them. When you realize this you start insulting and mocking the Buddhist thugs, throwing in some choice comments and epithets about their all-wise yet obese and reportedly drug-addicted Leader, in order to draw their attention back to yourself. Later on, the Buddhist gang claims that your rough language proves you deserved the beating, even though they now admit you weren't this "Bill" character. What's more, they claim indignantly, your mockery and insults caused their precious Enlightened Guru -- the one who mistook you for "Bill" and ordered you to be beaten senseless in the first place -- to feel "substantial emotional distress." "Aren't you ashamed of insulting and mocking this helpless woman who's done nothing to you? What kind of monster talks like that?" Etc.

Comical, right? But all that's not just a metaphor. It's the reality of what happened. And I didn't just get beaten up. I almost got killed by nervous federal agents armed with automatic weapons in my own home.


As I said before, I know nothing about William Cassidy personally, but I do admire how he has handled the rank and brutal injustice done to him by a hate-driven and vengeful Tulku:

Despite all that, I've seen no enmity, bitterness, or ire in his post-prison writings. Bravo.

Note that "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo's" recent attempts to style herself as a hero of "women's rights" is brazenly contradicted by her record of using brutal misogynist slurs about, and sending her male stalker henchmen after, any woman she dislikes -- Nydia Alexander, for example, who was the object of endless dark pornographic attacks via dozens of anonymous accounts run by John Buhmeyer and David Williams as well as, always most viciously, @italiansteed (aka "Jetsunma" herself).

Like the @ahkonlhamo account, which was loaded with angry tirades, obscenity, and psychotic-style outbursts, @italiansteed got deleted in the run-up to the FBI "investigation" of William Cassidy. "Amen, Sista!" But how about this?

Eventually, of course, everything written on Twitter, deleted or not, will end up in the Library of Congress.

In 2009 and 2010 "Jetsunma" and her cult mercilessly harassed, insulted, maligned and tormented Clara Llum Ibanez, an ordained Jodo Buddhist teacher who stood up for me by informing the cultists that I was not their nemesis William Cassidy. Many of @italiansteed's attacks mocked Clara's appearance based on her online photographs -- which is quite insane because she's beautiful. Here is the insolent "Palzang" rebuking Clara Llum Ibanez Roshi for her kind words about me:

Nobody ever accused these people of being charming. Or tactful. I wonder if "Palzang" would appreciate the irony of this tweet, if he were to recall typing it in the Arizona prison cell that will now be his home until he's 86 years old. Ah, Palzang, we hardly knew ye.

"Jetsunma" and David Williams and the entire gang also ferociously threatened and insulted a young woman friend of mine who lives in Paris -- because she was calling me "Sensei" -- to the point that this beautiful person suffered from a horrific panic attack in the middle of the night. Due to the time difference, I wasn't available to help her out of it for about six hours. So, my friend spent the whole night wide awake, doing protective rituals and mudras and trying to keep from hyperventilating.

Getting threatened by a Vajrayana lineage holder can be stressful in the extreme if you believe in magic or hold Tibetan Buddhism in some reverence or superstitious awe. And many people do.

The KPC kept pursuing Miranda for many months after that, and she always replied to them in plain (and quite correct) language:

"Ugly lizards" are precisely what these cultists are. You have only to look at some pictures. (It's said that by age forty life inflicts on one the face one has earned.) Note the deep and resonating Buddhist compassion of the KPC stalker's rejoinder: "whoa, bitch. who you talkin to?" No, "Jetsunma" and her cult are far from being "feminists" interested in protecting the well-being of women.

No. This is a cult that uses tax-exempt donations made to a "Buddhist" temple to hire investigators and high-priced lawyers to threaten and harass critics and to buy computer equipment for use in cyberstalking their "enemies," including women.

Note that "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo," the frail Tulku flower who claims to have been "emotionally distressed" by rude language on the Internet, regularly makes use of extreme and disturbing misogynist slurs and wildly violent imagery in her so-called teachings and poetry. For example:

That's right. When Ally Zeoli isn't stabbing effigies or framing up enemies with the FBI, she's writing insane poetry.


In 2010 a young woman Buddhist from Thailand asked the Kunzang Palyul Choling to explain why they sell meat in a store owned by the group and affiliated with their temple. (Although it is not unusual for Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns to eat meat once in a while, it is highly unusual for them to sell it.) You can see what happened next by her replies to them (these tweets are from Favstar -- they were "favorited" by my friend @Ogmin whose picture appears below each message):

Very quickly, this young woman on Twitter was mobbed by angry replies from KPC monks and nuns and threatened with legal action by the Guru for her remarks. This is simply how the cult conducts itself online.


Anybody who goes on social media gets exposed to the most idiotic provocations. I get it all the time. It's usually best to just laugh these casual attacks off. But tell that to the Manic-Depressive Dakini. Here's the enthroned "Mother of Palyul," Mindstream of Mandarava, and the current Emanation of Primordial Wisdom calling a fourteen year old boy a "pig":

Lighten up, Tulku. I laughed when I read this boy's rude comment; why can't you? What would have been wrong with just replying: "Hey, I know you're just trying to amuse yourself on the Web, but you can really annoy women with a tweet like that. Would you like to talk about some Buddhism now?"


For those who don't know, "Protecting Nyingma" is a cowardly, anonymously authored, crudely designed and poorly written Wordpress blog set up for one reason, and for one reason only: to conduct rigorous, all-out psychological warfare against anyone who has aroused "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo's" ire. (It's also set up to track the IP addresses of visitors -- so please keep in mind that if you go to the blog your point of origin will be carefully logged, reviewed and considered, and maybe even reported to law enforcement by "Jetsunma's" lawyer Shanlon Wu, former legal counsel to Attorney General Janet Reno and a specialist on defending "white collar" criminals. He may have his hands full very soon!)

Whenever a new smear post against some unfortunate person appears on "Protecting Nyingma," Kunzang Palyul Choling "nuns" with Twitter accounts send out and RT the link. A beautiful thing -- like synchronized nun swimming. Yet cult members deny that the blog is associated with their organization, and the blog authors refer to themselves, at once pompously and threateningly, as "investigators." (Note that it's entirely possible "Protecting Nyingma" now has only a single lonely author -- David Williams aka "Gonpo Yeshe," since his friend and fellow cult literary luminary "Palzang" went to prison for child rape. David Williams is rumored to be a homosexual pedophile and predator hiding under Vajrayana monk's robes, just like "Palzang" -- only a little smarter, in that he hasn't been caught yet. Most recent "Protecting Nyingma" postings are all written in what I recognize instantly as Williams' trademark semi-literate, hysteric style. I wonder how long it will be before these two close friends get reunited for a long chill-out in the State pen?)

"Protecting Nyingma" pushes Guru Devotion into the sinister realm of stalking, libel and overall criminal pathology. Who says the Kunzang Palyul Choling hasn't made a contribution to Tibetan-American Buddhism?


Here are a few unpleasant cut-and-pasted examples from this year -- May, 2012 -- of the vicious and stupid hectoring by sub-literate cult morons that has always characterized the vile, extreme, poorly written, badly designed, and laughably cowardly "Protecting Nyingma" blog as well as the Kunzang Palyul Choling's many other blogs and Twitter accounts:

"Mr. Buhmeyer's past included a terrible, terrible habit, molesting young boys." Oh! Really? My, my that is a bad habit, isn't it? Wake up, KPC assholes! By the way, either the mechanics of Google Search or the vast number of different Andrew Wilsons running around in the world seems to have confused the blog's "investigators," because I never did "go to a school for youth at risk" and have absolutely no idea how they came up with this strange ah-ha! claim.

Here's a little more of the KPC rant as it descends into petulant, ragingly abusive illogic:

The cultists persist in talking about my "cat." Fuckers, her name was Bella, and a single breath of hers was worth a hundred thousand of yours. But why not come to Oregon, you anonymously abusive shitheads, so you can deliver your weak and cowardly "condolences" to my door in person without the protection of lawyers and well-armed government agents? No? -- well, I didn't think so!

It's the most insane horseshit to claim that I never said I wasn't William Cassidy. I said it over and over again, on Twitter and also on my blogs. I even posted once on the Comments section of "Protecting Nyingma" using these precise words -- "I am not . . . William Cassidy." All my friends on Twitter also told the cultists I wasn't William Cassidy. These cult assholes just chose not to believe me. Why? Because their Guru is supposed to be omniscient. "Jetsunma" insisted that I absolutely was William Cassidy; I said I absolutely wasn't. "Who are you going to believe, me or your lying Tulku?"

What's next for Ally, Davy, Holly, Shelly and the whole sordid and clownish KPC sock-puppet cyberbullying crew? Might I suggest that they solicit a special guest posting from the always-lucid "@kpcmonkey?" I imagine it would sound something like: "ANDREW WILSONZ ISN'T CASSIDYZ?????!!!!"


The Kunzang Palyul Choling cultists play cult-and-paste games on "Protecting Nyingma." For example: if, in a moment of exasperation at the ongoing stalking of himself and his friends by about fifty anonymous Kunzang Palyul Choling Twitter accounts, poor @jyakunen writes two consecutive tweets to @jalpalyul reading in full, "Since you stalked, threatened and harassed me and all my friends for an entire year, I intend to expose you as a fraud, and to this end -- /I will pursue you to the ends of the earth," you can count on the anonymous authors of "Protecting Nyingma" to post only the second tweet on their smear blog as a stand-alone "threatening message." And if he tweets to the same evily behaving person: "After my cat Bella died, I cried and howled for three days./After your dog Bella died you went online cyberstalking me, on that same day," the cultists again post only the second tweet. Although the accusation still seems objectively damning of the person accused, if it is in fact true -- as it amazingly, and quite damningly, is.

For "Jetsunma" went on Twitter on the very day that her dog died to accuse me of being a "fake" and a "fraud." This happened, by the way, before I really knew who she was. I only knew that a fat psycho lady in a crown was stalking me and sending her students to do the same. What I didn't know was why.

Some months later, despite the ceaseless torrent of mockery and harassment and interference in my online life by KPC members via their "anonymous" Twitter accounts, I held out a very public olive branch to "Jetsunma" (and it wasn't the only time). This olive branch was flatly ignored by her, but her cult minions enjoyed making fun of me for trying. Here is @puredharma's RT of my message to the Guru with his sophomoric comment:

Those who have the patience for it can scroll down through @puredharma's Twitter stream for the entire year of 2010 for a taste of just how incessant and foolish the KPC's attacks on me actually were, and how painfully outnumbered I was. Note also that none of my sincere and even anguished requests to be let alone by the hateful and tedious KPC drones are featured as cut-and-pastes on "Protecting Nyingma."

What was the reason for all this incessant, moronic and above all gleeful psychological warfare against me? Put very simply it is just how the cult operates, since the cultists truly do not know another way of dealing with outside criticisms of their Guru. But, given the timing and the way that things shook out, it also seems that a carefully plotted frame-up was in motion. The KPC cultists were looking for any material -- tweets, blog posts, whatever -- they might possibly attribute to their enemy William Cassidy in order to get him put behind bars for the rest of his life. This is why they weren't satisfied with any of my online responses to their madness, but kept coming back to try for more.


As soon as I realized that the constant cyberbullying I experienced at the hands of the KPC thugs was a "top-down" operation, every stage of which was directed personally by the Guru herself, I began speaking directly (and quite reasonably, though sometimes in scathing terms) to her on Twitter. She never replied, of course, although with her typical cowardice and psychosis she continued to defame me on her Twitter account and in anonymous blogs all over the Web. "Protecting Nyingma" cut-and-pastes a number of my tweets to "Jetsunma" along with tweets that had nothing to do with the Leader or her insane cult. As cut-and-pasted, these tweets are not only torn from context but scrambled out of chronological order. But my message is consistent and I believe the point is extremely clear:

Would I have written such tweets had I not reached "the end of my rope" as a perpetual target of KPC cyberbullying? Highly unlikely. Note that I explicitly cautioned both "Jetsunma" and her mindless drones about the karmic effect of their evil actions -- since they're all so keen on the idea of karma. I even resorted to a prophecy of horror and doom (which the Guru also seems to be quite keen on, judging by her endless prophecies of horror and doom for her enemies) in the last tweet I've cut-and-pasted above, written during the first few days of 2011.

Huh! Were my words borne out by real life events? Let's consider. By August of that year "Palzang" had been stripped of his monk's robes and disowned by his Guru and was settling into an Arizona prison cell to serve out a mandatory 20 year sentence for child rape. By December, the entire cooked-up horseshit case against William Cassidy had been tossed out of court by a federal judge on First Amendment grounds. Shortly afterward, "Jetsunma" went "underground" with her armed bodyguards and spent the rest of the year and a good three months of 2012 running from"safe-house" to "safe-house" and communicating with her bewildered Sangha only via crazed and fragmentary rants on Twitter. Not long after she returned to Poolesville, the KPC Temple was shut down by the fire department for big safety violations, and it remains shut down pending expensive repairs that the cult's frantic fund-raising efforts seem unable to cover. At about the same time, the Department of Justice waived its own right to appeal Judge Titus' dismissal of US vs. Cassidy, and the shamefaced FBI quietly returned the last of my computer equipment. Yes, my warnings to the KPC were sound, and for their own safety these idiots should have heeded them. I hereby prophecy further that the KPC cultists' torrent of bad luck will continue and even intensify for so long as they refuse to apologize publicly to their victims.

What's left for them to do now, in the face of the obvious, but try to slander me for being "misogynistic"? Nothing, and so right on cue the anonymous fuckheads who write "Protecting Nyingma" proceed to cut-and-paste another series of out-of-order and devoid-of-context tweets by me to fatuously "prove" the same.

Fact: There isn't a trace of misogyny in me.

But what can one say about a Living Buddha who insults one of her own nuns by calling her a "cunny" on Twitter, even while gleefully warning the misbehaving nun that she (and presumably all other nuns and monks in the compound) live under a regime of surveillance that includes "night vision" cameras?


"Protecting Nyingma" was cut-and-pasting screenshots of my tweets before I even know who they were, and KPC monks and nuns were calling me "Bill," subjecting me to about one hundred mocking tweets per day, and replying to all my friends to tell them I was a "violent felon." "Jetsunma" and the cultists also created a myriad of dummy "one off" Twitter accounts, one after the other, almost every day and every night, to send me "dark tantric" messages about how they were going to destroy me with Vajrayana ritual magic. I was pursued by @shamanspell, insulted by a sneering @italiansteed, interrogated by @puredharma. The cultists were all blocked yet they continued to read, comment on, RT, and mock my tweets. When I ignored them, they began interfering with my friends.

Meantime, more screenshots of my tweets were appearing every day on "Protecting Nyingma" surrounded by bizarre and long winded commentary connecting me to William Cassidy.

It was an all out Internet hate and vilification campaign. I estimate that within the first year I was subjected to well over 10,000 KPC attack tweets -- while, according to The New York Times, "Jetsunma" received only 8,000 from @vajragurl.


Here is one of "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo's" typical postings about me. This one, as it happens, is from 2010, but they were all pretty much the same:

Nice, right? Once the Wisdom Dakini in charge of "the future of Dharma in the West," reincarnation of Princess Mandarava's unpolluted mindstream and Embodiment of Primordial something brands you a totally worthless fraud, a person with no quality whose friends are few and deluded, what's next? Where do you go from there? (Note the specific words she capitalizes for added emphasis in the extra-nonthreatening and compassionate hashtag.)

Why doesn't one ever see any of these crazy tweets from the Tulku Führer on "Protecting Nyingma," just to add a refreshing dose of reality and some interesting context for their other cut-and-pastes?

There was a reason for these apparently senseless and malicious tweets about me by the KPC Guru. She and her cult were merely trying to draw some sharp rejoinders from me that they could use in their plot to frame up William Cassidy as a cyberstalker.


The KPC anonymous accounts often made "magical" threats -- far too many for me personally to count, and I'm sure I didn't see even half. Nydia Alexander apparently tried to document some of these threats on accounts like @MaliceZeholi, where we see @BoulderSK8RDude threatening @crystalshield (Nydia Alexander) with dark tantra arts. Note, at the end of this, how the same insane troll carries on a parallel conversation with @ahkonlhamo (Alyce Zeoli), who is clearly a spectator of the whole show. Note also how, in the last tweet I've cut-and-pasted here, Zeoli RTs a crude joke involving Nydia Alexander's presumed sexual relationship with Cassidy. Hilarious! Right?

It's hard to remember, at moments, that this is a person enthroned by H. H. Penor Rinpoche himself. The crudity and stupidity of this cult malice is almost suffocating. But the point wasn't just to drive Nydia into a frenzy of indignation and fear. It was to get her to type something on Twitter that could reasonably be used to frame "Tenpa":

How the fuck did an FBI agent think she would get a jury to convict William Cassidy of "cyberstalking and harassing" the Tulku with "intent to cause emotional distress," knowing that this type of material was out there and would be produced ad nauseum by Cassidy's defense team? Mysterious! My answer, however, is that she didn't know.

The criminal complaint against Cassidy doesn't mention any online activity from the KPC side whatsoever except for "Jetsunma's" official Twitter page. Meaning that the judge who signed the order to arrest him (and to raid me with a search and seizure warrant to gather supposed "evidence" of our online conspiracy) was unaware of the dark and sordid reality -- a carefully plotted cult entrapment and frame-up of the Guru's "enemies."

It's unfortunate that federal law enforcement can be duped by a wealthy psychopath playing weepy stalker-victim into executing a personal vendetta, but that seems to be exactly what happened. Maybe Alyce Zeoli can now talk the FBI into providing her monks with Stinger missiles to use in shooting down low flying karmic helicopters.

Luckily, the FBI agents involved in the travesty of an "investigation" had access to all of my tweets in the proper order and soon realized that there was nothing either illegal or especially frightening to be found there -- nothing they could possibly use as a threat to get me to "sing" about my imagined collusion with the nefarious William Cassidy. Hard reality prevails; case closed. I merely wonder, since the cult's cynical frame-up of William Cassidy didn't "take," meaning Ally Zeoli and Davy Williams won't have the chance to wildly contradict and perjure themselves in a federal court and get indicted for racketeering and conspiracy on this particular caper, which "R" do they feel -- Relief, or Regret? Maybe a little bit of both.

According to my lawyer, the FBI already held a longstanding grudge against William Cassidy for some previous dust ups, which explains why they went after him for this tenuous horseshit. As for me, I was just a footnote. The feds seemed to think I knew something that could help convict Cassidy. (I remarked to my lawyer that I didn't realize the FBI acts on longstanding grudges. He replied, and I quote: Oh yes.) I regard myself as lucky that the government sent me a threatening letter, one week after the raid. With that document in hand I was able to get a sharp court appointed federal defense attorney working on my behalf for an entire year totally free of charge.

By the way, if all the investigation, tactical assault, defense and court costs of "Jetsunma's" little fake victimization caper ever get tallied up it's sure to be a figure in the millions of dollars -- all picked up by American taxpayers, while "Jetsunma" herself pays no taxes whatsoever on the 10,000 per month compensation she receives for being a cult-leading psychopath.


And, in the end, I won; the insane Tulku, the powerful boutique law firm, and the deluded FBI agent lost. William Cassidy was sprung from jail by the law itself when the government's case got trashed by a federal judge as unconstitutional, a violation of his civil rights. William Cassidy also won.

Yet it isn't just the simple fact of losing in their bid to annihilate the Guru's "enemy" that has driven the Kunzang Palyul Choling cultists so insane that they are now seeing low flying helicopters everywhere, and accusing me and Cassidy of flying them. They're facing possible felony charges for lying to the federal government.

Where is @kpcmonkey? I'd be thrilled to hear the monkey's take on those low flying doomsday helicopters. (I imagine it would be something like: "HELICOPTERZ!!!!!???") But, like me for quite a long time, @kpcmonkey would be incapable of grasping the real, cold-blooded intention behind the apparent hysteria.


Off and on since 2010 my Twitter friends and I have played a bizarre word game replacing a line in movies or books or songs with the word "Tulku" or the hashtag #Tulku. Some of the results are startling and hilarious; others, merely weird or sardonically offbeat. The cynical authors of "Protecting Nyingma" of course choose to selectively cut-and-paste my "tulku tweets" using absurd ultra-violent lines from KILL BILL I and II and even A FISH CALLED WANDA in some crazy attempt to make it seem as if those tweets were "death threats" aimed at their Guru. By the same logic, my tweet "Tulku Melanzane" would be a threat of cannibalism, or at least of baking their Guru in tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese.

For about a year there were at least twenty-five people besides myself on Twitter making casual and often silly jokes using the #tulku hashtag. Some saw this as an expression of solidarity with me -- a sort of "I am Spartacus" gesture. To others it was just great fun. My own use of the #Tulku hashtag has a deeper and wider point. In Zen, the concept of one person being a "tulku" and another not is laughable. "Does a Tulku have the Buddha Nature?" "Mu!" If one person is a tulku, we're all tulkus. A horse's ass can be a Tulku. By their dungheaps shall you know them.

In fact, the cultists are well aware that none of these "Tulku" satirizing tweets were intended as threats.

What about a satiric tweet written by me to rebut the farcical horseshit of confusing me with ex-CIA man William Cassidy, all about how I used to do Dzogchen sky-gazing meditation while screwing a silencer on my revolver in preparation for a "hit"? This one got RT'd about a hundred times because it cracked people who know me up so hard. It was funny precisely because of the gentle, inoffensive nature I am renowned for, and also because I've never been a CIA hitman (as "Protecting Nyingma" was idiotically claiming at the time). But now the cultists produce this tweet as their "aha" moment, supposedly proving that I "threatened" their Guru with violence. They've saved this tweet, and others, very carefully to produce if ever confronted by the truth of what they did.

IF the cultists at any point truly felt that in my exasperation with their horseshit I was becoming a physical "threat" to them or their Guru, which I wasn't, rationally speaking they should have stopped cyberstalking me. There are definite reasons why they didn't.


The Kunzang Palyul Choling has always had two faces: the "loving" face of its official blogs and Twitter accounts and the petty, destructive, shrill, abusive face of "Protecting Nyingma." This is also how the Guru operates.

To vividly illustrate this point, here are two passages from THE BUDDHA FROM BROOKLYN -- the first describing the Guru's infamous "Divorce Party" from her ex-husband Michael Burroughs, the second dealing with the KPC cult's treatment of a renegade KPC nun named "Dechen" who had an affair with a nameless visiting monk. Excuse the length, but I feel this chilling material deserves to be quoted in full:


The Divorce Party was held in the community room, and a table of food was spread out, along with a big bowl of a strong tequila punch for the lay practitioners. Eighty to one hundred students turned up, took a drink of punch or a shooter of straight tequila, and before long the room took on a cocktail party-like atmosphere, with Jetsunma the presiding presence, sitting off to one side with Karl.

On a chair in the middle of the room, an effigy of Michael had been set up. It looked something like a mummy, a piece of cloth bundled up and tightly wrapped with cords. And it had one special feature: a banana had been attached to the cloth to represent Michael's penis.

One by one, as the party got rolling, students were encouraged to vent. Many of them had come with prepared remarks, with toasts, gags, and long stories. There were great cheers and applause, and the students began holding their drinks high in the air and shouting. As the night wore on people grew louder and more drunken--at one point all joining in a raucous singing of "Nowhere Man." As a person Michael was really a washout, the stories insinuated, and Jetsunma was well rid of him.

Alana arrived at the party with a gag knife stuck in her back and said, "Michael, you were my friend and then you stabbed me in the back." Ayla Meurer, one of Jetsunma's students who had moved from Michigan to be near her, addressed the effigy and complained about how Michael had caused her to suffer. Jetsunma shouted out, "Ayla, you can still walk a line! You aren't drunk enough!" Another student approached the dummy and began a satirical account of Michael's actions--claiming that he had "cross-dressed in front of small children"--and the crowd went wild.

The effigy of Michael was propped up in a chair closer to Jetsunma, so that she could watch while students walked up and stabbed it with their knives and forks. A line of six or seven students formed, including one nun in her robes who did a timid dance up to the body and very delicately stabbed it.

Reactions to the event were mixed, despite the hilarity and sense of raucous fun. Several Tibetans who were visiting Poolesville at the time returned to India with stories of the party and seemed perplexed and vaguely horrified. Rick Finney, already very doubtful of the goings-on at KPC, was reminded of the "Two Minutes Hate" in George Orwell's 1984. He felt sickened by the proceedings, particularly the sight of a nun stabbing at Michael's effigy. Many others remembered having a good time and feeling exhilarated afterward. "It was done in the spirit of a roast," said one student, "except that the person being roasted wasn't there." Alana would later describe it as "necessary."

Jetsunma herself read from a list of grievances against Michael that was three pages long. She told about having a vision of starting a prayer center many years ago--and about how she'd made intense prayers that this vision come true. She had things she wanted to accomplish, and a big center to build. In answer to her prayers, she said, she met this demon. His name was Michael. The audience cheered.

Then she approached the dummy and said, "Michael, you look funny. Something's wrong here." Jetsunma made a fist and then punched it into the banana, smashing it flat. "That's more like it!" The room exploded in cheers.

At the night's end Jetsunma ordered that the effigy be thrown into the driveway in front of the temple, so everybody would have to drive over Michael on their way home. The bound cloth sat on the blacktop as the cars passed over it with their bighearted bumper stickers: PRACTICE RANDOM KINDNESS AND SENSELESS ACTS OF BEAUTY. Then a sangha member, drunk and carried away, stood over the flattened cloth and urinated on it.

Most of the lights in the house were dimmed. And the lights in the living room were shut off. Only the lights over Dechen and the Monk were kept brightly lit. Alana was wearing burgundy robes and stood in the dining room before her fellow ordained.

"There has been a vow breakage," she said.

The room became utterly quiet. "Nobody is ever to speak of what happens here tonight. And remember, everything you see is compassionate activity." Alana looked squarely at the Monk. "You are not to speak -- either of you -- or defend yourselves in any way."

Some headlights flashed behind the windowpane in the front door. Dechen saw that Jetsunma had arrived. The front door flew open, and the room of ordained rose to their feet. Jetsunma quickly pulled off her black overcoat in the foyer and tossed it to Atara. Underneath she was dressed entirely in black, too-black wool and black leather.

"You fool!" she shouted at the Monk, as she ran toward him, then struck him hard on the head with her open hand. The Monk lost his footing and staggered momentarily. When his balance was regained, he realized that his wire-rimmed glasses had been knocked to the floor and he couldn't see.

Jetsunma studied him briefly. With his glasses off the Monk looked like a mole -- soft and blind. "Sit down!" she yelled. The Monk and Dechen began to drop onto the seats of their chairs, and Jetsunma yelled again. "No! Sit on the floor! You don't deserve to sit on the same level as these other ordained!"

Dechen sat on her knees. The Monk sat cross-legged on the ground, with the large lights swinging overhead. "I brought you into our hearts!" Jetsunma yelled at him, then bent down to punch the Monk again hard on the side of the face. "We took you into our homes! And this is how you repay our kindness? I should throw you through that sliding glass door but you don't have the merit."

The ordained were quiet, barely moving in their chairs. Dechen looked out into the living room; in the shadows she could see the outlines of a few nuns who were holding their stomachs. One monk had his hand over his mouth.

"This is a stain on all of us -- and has harmed all ordained forever." Jetsunma yelled, continuing to punctuate her comments with blows to the Monk's head. "This has shortened my life, the lives of our sangha, and made it harder for all future ordained to keep their vows. And it's shortened their lives as well. They worked so hard to keep their vows purely, and now you've made it so hard!"

Dechen looked up again and heard Tashi sobbing.

Jetsunma turned to face the little nun. Dechen stared up at her. "And you!" she yelled. She struck Dechen across the side of her head with the heel of her hand, not far from a few stitches. "I've taken you into my heart! I've done everything I could for you!" She slapped her again on the forehead." There are words for women like you, but I won't use them!" she yelled. "It disgusts me to see you in those robes. It disgusts me to see your face!"

Dechen looked up into Jetsunma's face and never broke her gaze. Jetsunma had a look that Dechen never remembered seeing before. She was almost. . . smiling. But it wasn't a smirk as much as a leer. "What you said happened to you in India before, what you told me," Jetsunma shouted, "that isn't what really happened, is it? You lied to me." She backhanded Dechen again.

Jetsunma began listing instructions for Dechen to follow. The young nun felt herself focusing on all of Jetsunma 's words, all her advice and instructions, hoping to remember every moment. Dechen was never to look at or speak to the Monk again. She was to put her yellow robes on her altar and prostrate to them every day. She needed to get a job and pay off all of her debts. She had to stop "leaning on" the other ordained. She needed to do one hundred thousand Vajrasattva practices, but Jetsunma wasn't sure that was enough. As a punishment, she and the Monk were going to clean the temple every day -- the bathrooms, the floors, the kitchen. And every moment that Dechen wasn't either cleaning or working to pay off her debts, she was to be practicing. As for reading or TV or any other "enjoyments," there were to be no more than four hours per week. She talked about how little remorse Dechen had. "You have never done a single thing that I have ever told you to do," Jetsunma yelled angrily, "so I have no confidence that you'll do it now."

Dechen followed her lama's eyes. She soaked up her lama's words. These were blessings, she told herself. Each word was a great blessing. Each slap and slug, a great, great blessing. Dechen tried to be as submissive as she could be and tried to find a posture of accepting all the blessings as they came her way. This wrathful display -- as it was called -- would only help to purify any negative karma that had been created by her contact with the Monk.

The Monk had been very still, but he turned slightly to see if Dechen was okay. She was cowering. She was humiliating herself: He wanted to yell at her, "Get up! Get up!"

Jetsunma turned to him again. "You may keep your robes but not wear them," she said, "and if you were in better health, I'd make you clean every toilet at the temple eighteen times a day with a toothbrush." She pointed to the crowd in the chairs. "Their toilets!"

Dechen was to clean toilets, too, she said. "I can't tell you not to come to teachings, but if you do, sit behind an umbrella or something. I don't want to see your face. . . . And I've talked to Khenpo Tsewang Gyatso about this -- you may not keep your robes!"

At this Jetsunma walked out. The room remained perfectly still. Alana returned to center stage. She announced that Jetsunma wanted the ordained to tell Dechen and the Monk how this evening had made them feel -- sharing their anger and outrage would help Dechen and the Monk "with their remorse."

Ani Rene spoke first and addressed her comments to the Monk, with whom she had studied. "Driving in the car with you one time," she said, "you criticized some lamas and poisoned my mind with gossip!" she said, shaking with rage. "I felt sick for an hour, and I could have just ripped you apart. " Tashi was so overcome with emotion that he could barely get the words out. He was horrified by what had happened, particularly by the fact that Jetsunma's life would now be shortened. Then came Konchog, the young monk who did press relations for the temple and who was a scholar. He also addressed his remarks to his friend, his housemate, his fellow monk. "I had so much faith in you, " he said, fighting back tears. "You kept your vows for so long. And you talked about how the Dharma texts were more important than Jetsunma, and you almost turned my mind away from my teacher."

The nuns of Ani Farms each spoke to Dechen. Palchen said that Dechen needed to face her total irresponsibility and lack of thought for anyone but herself. Alexandra mentioned Dechen's thoughtlessness. She had never contemplated how her breakages would affect anybody but herself. Sherab was the angriest. "You're always rebellious, and everything has to be Dechen's way!" she yelled. Another nun talked about how she'd helped Dechen out when she broke her vows last time, how supportive she'd felt. This was different. "Countless sentient beings," she said, "will be hurt because of this."

But most of the comments were directed at the Monk, and they continued for forty-five minutes after Jetsunma's departure. In the following ten days there were two more meetings -- where Dechen and the Monk were required to confess the details of their affair to the entire ordained sangha. At one point, as Dechen tried to give an account of exactly what had transpired between them sexually, the Monk began shouting; "Shut up! Shut up! It's none of their fucking business!" And it was this attitude, his indignation and pride, which seemed to fuel the anger of his peers. One by one in all three meetings, the ordained told the Monk how they really felt about him, how egotistical he was, how deluded, how he lorded his knowledge of Tibetan and all his studies and retreats and expertise in Tibetan Buddhism over everybody and made them feel bad, how he'd tried, with all his talk of tradition and other teachers and other Dharma centers, to turn them against their lama. He had taken many empowerments, but he'd somehow missed the boat.

The Monk didn't know these people well -- he had been in Poolesville only eight months -- and it shocked him that they would have such intense hatred for him. It also surprised him that Jetsunma should feel so strongly -- to scream at him, and slug him, to threaten to throw him through the sliding glass door. He had refused to give her instruction in some high teachings, and he'd ignored what he felt had been her romantic advances: was that the explanation for her rage? But what had he done to the rest of these people to make them so angry? The attacks on his character were personal, and brutal. This is like something out of the Spanish Inquisition, he was thinking.

. . . .

Hoping to ward off similar "interventions" -- and to make sure her fellow ordained learned of the police charges she'd filed -- Dechen began leaving messages for sangha members on the temple voice mail system. She used the word cult, well aware of the impact it would have . . . Then the letters started coming. Some were hand-delivered outside her apartment door. Others were sent by certified mail. They were from sangha members who had received voice mails from Dechen. Each letter contained one particular sentence -- "Stop leaving these slanderous voice mails or I will consider this harassment and file charges" -- but the rest was often very personal. Sangye Dorje wrote her, telling Dechen that she suffered from "paranoia" and was "certainly a borderline schizophrenic." He recommended that she find a good psychiatrist. Bob Colacurcio urged Dechen to study Guru Devotion more. Alana's letter was beautifully written -- and designed to nail Dechen deftly in a vulnerable place. "You have succeed in your quest to take revenge against your mother. Your childhood rage now controls you, and you have now, indeed, broken her heart. Not just your birth mother, but your spiritual mother as well."

"Nobody is ever to speak of what happens here tonight. And remember, everything you see is compassionate activity."" I've heard that one before! So has every other abused child in the history of the world. Well, "Dechen," I for one am glad that you did speak of it, way back when you still had some of your wits about you. The fact that you're now a whining and shrill shill for the faux-Tulku bitch who bitch-slapped you for indulging your healthy sexual interests in Tibetan monks isn't any of my fault. Sorry!

I've quoted the above material merely to illustrate the mind-set of the sort of psychopath I've been up against all this time.

Clearly nothing has changed, except that the cult now uses Twitter and blogs to deliver its threats instead of certified mail. And instead of physically assaulting people herself, "Jetsunma" -- who was arrested for that sadistic Dominaxtulku performance -- now merely manipulates naive people in law enforcement into doing the dirty work for her.


For a long time I was naively looking at the whole KPC stalking phenomenon as a senseless cult insanity, and warning the perpetrators in my sincere way that they were obstructing their chances to realize the breathtaking glory of "This-Here-Now," which is closed to them forever anyway. I was totally unable to see the "frame-up" they were carefully putting together, because obsessive plotting and scheming is so alien to me. But the simple truth is that the cultists were attacking me for the same reason they did @vajragurl -- cold-heartedly and cold-bloodedly, like the ugly-lizard obsessional sociopaths they are, merely to get some kind of material they might be able to use in order to put away William Cassidy.

Saffron-robed samsara, yes. But these people are also, in the starkest and most unrepentant sense of the word, criminals. Not even the clang of a cell door shutting them in for a long stretch will ever wake up these hellish, heartless reptiles. But hearing that clang just might make the rest of us feel a little safer.

These assholes may end up "protecting Nyingma" from me, but who's going to protect it from them? Though I compassionately tried to help the cultists, I have now bowed out. Yet it may be that due to their own fault the Kunzang Palyul Choling's "literal nightmare" is just beginning.

See also "Snakes in the Eagle's Shadow"

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