Snakes in the Eagle's Shadow

Ideally, if you saw a dakini [supposedly what Alyce Zeoli, aka "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo," is] walk down the road and cut the head off a sweet infant child," one especially loyal student [of Alyce Zeoli's] says, "your only thought should be, Oh what a lucky child." -quoted in Pico Iyer's "The Price of Faith.

By the time The Buddha from Brooklyn approaches its climax, fully fifty percent of the center's operating expenses are going to Jetsunma's salary and students who are slow to pay their rent are condemned as "anti-Buddhists." In the book's most horrifying section, when Jetsunma learns that a monk and a quiet nun are growing intimate, she humiliates them publicly, slaps the young nun (who has been in a hospital, earlier that same evening, after being involved in a car crash), and virtually pulverizes them with a terrifying poem of hellfire that combines spiritual blackmail with near-obscenity. Previously, when the same nun had had her virginity stolen by a Tibetan monk in India, Jetsunma had virtually denied the incident (and on another occasion, too, when she had had a falling out with one of her own husbands, she had got her students to stab effigies of him). -ibid

There are unsettling rumors arising from Poolesville, tales at shocking odds with kooky, feel-good narrative about class and karma taking shape in Hollywood. From many sources connected with the Temple -- several insistent on anonymity for fear of reprisal -- come reports of beatings administered to monks and nuns by Jetsunma, of shady, even illegal financial dealings, of psychic abuse and manipulation eerily reminiscent of the early days of Jonestown . . . When it became known that Tenzin Chophak, a recently enthroned tulku and a translator for Penor Rinpoche, was talking openly to me about KPC, his electronic mailbox filled with anonymous hate messages and death threats, among them: "you better watch your back." "Testicular cancer will befall you, and in a hurry, I hope." "You will burn in vajra hell for many kalpas for what you are doing." . . . I, too, was warned, by a former Temple member who, while retaining a fondness for Jetsunma, blamed her for the near collapse of his marriage. 'She will fuck you royally," he said. "She has these people who think she's God. They might come burn your house down, put a bomb in your car. Or they'll put a hex on you and you'll have bad dreams for ten years." -Will Blythe, "Bad Karma," Mirabella, 1998.

Note that after this post, I will no longer be debating with, responding to, nor even so much as mentioning the Kunzang Palyul Choling cultists and their vindictive Guru Alyce Zeoli aka "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo," nor pretending to comprehend the hellish world they live in where an implacable and demonic enemy lurks around every corner and every passing shadow, critical tweet or low flying helicopter might be -- no, definitely is! -- "Tenpa Rinpoche."

I gave a detailed account of the Kunzang Palyul Choling's vicious and thoroughly un-Buddha-like actions in "The Deadly Viper Assassination Buddhists." For details of the pre-dawn tactical FBI ninja raid on my home that was one result of "Jetsunma's" conspiracy of terror, lies and deceptions, see: "A Short Interview with Andrew Wilson." For details of how the KPC cult is now threatening my girlfriend, see: "High Plains Tulku", "The Tulku Peril," and "Il buono, il bruto, il tulku." For a note on the cult's particular addiction to harassing and tormenting people online with threatening messages, see "Deconstructing a Cult's Psyops." For careful and damning documentation of the Kunzang Palyul Choling's intent to cause both "substantial emotional distress" and actual physical harm to its perceived enemies, see "Cult-and-Paste: Protecting Nyingma from Andrew Wilson."

These woe-ridden people and their woeful story of woe have already wasted too much of my time. I have no doubt there will be many more deceptive posts about me on the KPC's anonymously written slander-and-defamation blog "Protecting Nyingma" and many more attack tweets by deluded KPC nuns, but I will have to trust ordinary, non-paranoid people to see through them without any future rebuttal from my side.

I also have no doubt that most "Tibetan Buddhists," including the higher up lamas, tulkus and khenpos of the Nyingma school, will go on just ignoring the antics of the Kunzang Palyul Choling -- until this drug-addled and mentally unhinged Tulku Führer finally creates some steaming mess of cult horseshit too big to ignore.

But the jig is up. "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo" can drag out her sad delusion of being a Wisdom Dakini for as long as she wants -- there is no coming back from "Palzang-gate." Let the drug-addled, psychotic and manic-depressive bury the drug-addled, psychotic and manic-depressive.

The Kunzang Palyul Choling cultists have once and for all demonstrated their preening viciousness, criminal nature and wholesale lack of "compassion." And their Guru turns out to be the worst offender of the whole bunch. I will say just once more, however, that whatever this viper's nest practices, it's not "Buddhism." The limpid clarity of the Buddha's Enlightenment and subsequent teaching is totally impenetrable to these idiots.

In this blog entry and a few others I've set out to document a systematic and malicious evil. I didn't choose the situation; fate, or karma if you prefer, tossed it like a basket of vipers into my lap. I am aware there can be differences of opinion about how well or badly I've handled being stalked for over two and a half years by the KPC cult. I've even had the melancholy experience of Buddhists telling me to "shut up" about it. ("Shut up and take your karma, like a good little boy.")

Nonetheless, this blog entry finishes any residual involvement I may have had with the Kunzang Palyul Choling's games and its Guru's madness.

(Here is a fascinating Web video badly mistitled "The Gift of Truth" [deleted without apology or comment soon after this post appeared on my blog] showing a sad, bewildered and paranoid group meeting of the wider KPC "Sangha" in May, 2012 -- "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo," of course, is a no-show -- to conduct a heavily scripted and tightly managed discussion about the entire idiotic business. Some of the people present are the actual "inner circle" members who stalked me under multiple avatars, such as David Williams, and I must say that they seem extremely uncomfortable when my name finally comes up. Fascinatingly, the KPC spokeswoman alludes to how "Jetsunma" was able to hook the FBI into this painful and stupid cult horseshit via some expensive and scheming lawyers, since the first few times "Jetsunma" approached the FBI "they were not interested." In another odd revelation, we hear that "Jetsunma" originally got onto Twitter in order to stalk William Cassidy and Nydia Alexander with impunity after a judge's gag order forced her to close at least ten slander-and-defamation blogs but failed to mention Twitter. This judge's order was delivered to "Jetsunma's" home at 2:00 AM by police who also conducted a search for weapons based on the KPC's online threats. Nerve-wracking! But at least nobody got handcuffed at gunpoint, right? We also learn that "Jetsunma" ordered all her monks and nuns to open Twitter accounts simultaneously in order to join the cyberbullying crusade against these two unfortunate enemies of the Sangha. Note that the short discussion of Andrew Wilson, delivered to a resounding silence that I'd like to believe signifies deep shame but more likely denotes the cult members' total inability to process reality even when it's staring them right in the face, begins at about the 59 minute point in this video. In her revealing remarks, the KPC spokeswoman admits that Andrew Wilson never had anything to do with William Cassidy or Nydia Alexander but "got caught in the fire," relentlessly attacked by multiple KPC Twitter avatars -- most of them run by people present in that very room -- based upon a case of mistaken identity and a chain of "strange coincidences." At 1:25.03 we hear how the Sangha is now being stalked by mysterious low flying helicopters. Note throughout this video the slumped postures, sad eyes, trembling voices, and bewildered faces of these deluded and clueless people, as well as a kind of ancient lizard in a yellow shirt who slides around the floor like some ghoul in a Japanese horror film to deliver the microphone. Reptilian Mystery Theater.)


For those who don't know the interesting story of "Palzang," here it is so far I've been able to reconstruct it:

Years ago, a sinister man named John Buhmeyer was ordained as a KPC monk by controversial Tulku "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo," despite the fact that he was a known child molester and had served time in prison for same. He instantly joined the cult's "inner circle" and became a high profile spokesman for the group as well as an unofficial speechwriter for "Jetsunma."

I want to re-iterate this, because the KPC cult is persistently trying to hide or downplay the facts: "Thubten Rinchen Palzang" aka John Buhmeyer wasn't just some obscure KPC monk but easily the most visible and outspoken man in the whole organization. It was he who discovered the Tibetan terma biography of Princess Mandarava in the Library of Congress, the translation into English and publication of which was supported by KPC donations, presumably for use as a propaganda and recruitment device for the "Jetsunma" cult.

One still finds a copy of this book in every Tibetan bookstore, its introduction full of encomiums to "Jetsunma" and her devoted students. In return for this notable service to her image, "Jetsunma" is said to have hired some ruthless and expensive lawyers to help "Palzang" suppress a child rape charge.

Taking up residence at the cult compound in Sedona, Arizona, "Palzang" used to hang out at the nearby Sedona Public Library, especially in the children's section. One day he was asked to vacate the premises by police officers summoned by a smart and vigilant librarian.

Following William Lawrence Cassidy's hasty departure from the KPC Temple (loaded down with sensitive financial documents) in the company of a renegade nun named Nydia Alexander in 2007 (that's another whole Telemundo soap opera right there), the gung-ho "Palzang" was personally assigned by "Jetsunma" to harass and torment Cassidy and the ex-nun (and later me too, in a ridiculous case of mistaken identity) all over the Web.

William Cassidy and Nydia Alexander in turn clanged alarm bells by pointing out that "Palzang" was a sinister pedophile in monk's robes who, when not pontificating about the Dharma, was eagerly stalking Sedona's children. They were 100 percent right, for soon after Cassidy was taken in chains to Maryland in 2011 -- even as "Jetsunma" and her group were exulting over their wildly successful frame-up of the Guru's nemesis -- "Palzang" raped another little boy. He was tried and convicted and will spend the next twenty years in the state pen.

Naturally, "Jetsunma" -- the "Founder and Spiritual Director" of the KPC -- accepts no responsibility. Why should she? Are you crazy, or just "anti-woman"?

(Here is "Palzang" on an Internet radio program, speaking as a "monk" in and on behalf of the Kunzang Palyul Choling. Note that although his Guru and Sangha were well aware that he had been in prison for molesting a little boy, this information does not appear on the brief resume of his accomplishments given by the interviewer -- nor does "Palzang" bother to mention such an insignificant detail from his past. Instead we learn about how "Jetsunma," without any formal Buddhist training, miraculously speaks the truth from her "mind.")


When these sinister people became pursuing me in the autumn of 2009 I didn't even know who "Jetsunma" was, and I didn't have a clue that the Kunzang Palyul Choling existed. Nor would I have cared. One cult is like another. I do Zen and sometimes I show other people how to do Zen; I don't interfere with people who practice Tibetan Buddhism. The extreme online aggression of this group of saffron-robed psychopaths therefore rose out of nowhere and was contingent on nothing I ever said or did; I didn't provoke a single iota of their abuse and slander.

At the time that the Kunzang Palyul Choling began stalking me, these are the tweets that I was writing. It was on the basis of these tweets that "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo," "Gonpo Yeshe," and "Palzang" declared their absolute certainty that I was "a liar, a con man, and a convicted felon."

At first, I couldn't consider this cult's attacks as anything about a bizarre joke or a case of rabid insanity. It was obvious to me that my Zen writings were absolutely nothing like anything that ever appeared on "Tenpa Rinpoche's" Twitter page or blog. Also, I had never so much as mentioned the KPC. It seems that they found me only because my friend Clara Llum Ibanez Roshi was talking about my writings as an example of real Zen, and "Jetsunma," who was new to Twitter, took offense.

It wasn't long before Alyce Zeoli was harassing the wonderful Clara via multiple creepy anonymous Twitter accounts and blogs, mocking her for her teachings and making rude comments about her physical appearance (which is, as I've said before, quite insane because Clara is beautiful). Soon after that, "Jetsunma" pompously and wrongly announced to all her followers that my Twitter page was definitely authored by her old enemy "Tenpa Rinpoche." Thus spake the dakini. And the tiger hunt was on -- the world's first Vajrayanist jihad.

The sheer intensity of it was breathtaking. I was systematically demonized by this entire crazed cult. By the end of 2010 I'd been subjected to well over 10,000 threatening, cajoling and mocking KPC tweets, as well as hundreds of slanderous, anonymously written blog posts. What's more, during that year the Guru herself tried to interfere in every one of my online friendships and interactions. This would have been easier to deal with if "Jetsunma" was just an ordinary crazy woman -- but no, she was able to throw around the weight of a "lineage," a crown, a throne and deceptively cut-and-pasted quotes from famous lamas testifying to her  supposed spiritual accomplishment.

Nobody in the whole world has ever been more intensively or systematically "cyberstalked" than I was by the KPC. But even that wasn't enough for these faith-crazed freaks. "She will fuck you royally. She has these people who think she's God. They might come burn your house down, put a bomb in your car. Or they'll put a hex on you . . . " Or maybe they'll just use their money, lies and Washington power-connections (such as Shanlon Wu, former legal counsel to Attorney General Janet Reno, and a credulous cult-obliging FBI agent who used to work for the Department of Homeland Security) to get your door smashed in and your house raided before dawn on the day after Valentine's Day by jumpy FBI ninjas in tactical gear armed with automatic weapons. Then, if you express indignation about any of this abuse, the Guru and her cult drones will mock you for not being "a real Buddhist."


The KPC cult drones like to remind people that I was raided by the FBI. I was in fact raided by the FBI -- a predawn raid that shattered the glass in our kitchen door at about 6:00 AM on February 15, 2011. Immediately after the glass shattered, a team of federal agents invaded our home, screaming like maniacs. They were garbed in black, wore Kevlar vests, and carried semi-automatic weapons fixed with red laser sights.

They advanced into the house rather slowly. It took about seven minutes for them to even start coming up the stairs. I imagine these young agents must have been rather frightened. William Cassidy and his gang! Right?

It was not especially nice for the cult Guru to lie to put young federal agents in (so far as they could imagine) possible harm's way. Yet, of course, "Jetsunma" got away with it, as with so much other tiresome horseshit. She was probably hoping they'd kill me.

No such luck. I wasn't even arrested. Nor ever charged with anything at all.

How often does the FBI mount a full tactical predawn raid on a person's home, then not arrest and never charge said person with any crime whatsoever? Doing some intensive Web research after the fact, I couldn't find even a single instance.

Something is very wrong here. Somebody lied, using money and the access to power it brings, to set up somebody else who had no money and therefore no power.

Still, in the end basic sanity (and the law) prevailed.


I am sure there are some good people in the Kunzang Palyul Choling. I am sure this group has done some good things. But then again, so did Hitler! During the first months of their extremely bizarre cyberstalking of me, when I knew little to nothing about them except that they ran an animal rescue service and a bird sanctuary, I publicly declared that "Jetsunma" must certainly be a Bodhisattva due to her love for animals. I also praised her students for their devotion to her. This was not merely a disingenuous attempt to get these people off my back.

(I've also pointed out more than once that the KPC could rescue many, many more animals and birds if they weren't paying for security guards, sophisticated computer equipment, "safe houses," "investigators" and one of the most expensive law firms in Washington, DC to harass their supposed enemies.)

But it doesn't matter what I say or do. The defamation and online harassment of me by the KPC cult is simply incredible and unending.


I am not a Buddhist, still less a Tibetan Buddhist. I get much more from Taoism and Bon. I do Zen. Zen is what woke up Shakyamuni and made him a Buddha.

Many people have thanked me for original techniques I've shown them and have said that I've made a positive difference in their lives, and so it seems that my writings do have some value, though I am careful not to overestimate it or to magnify my personal importance. After all, that's why I tried to maintain my anonymity for so long, even in the face of a cult's unrelenting attacks. But what I do, and the way I do it, is special and of clear benefit to at least a few other human beings -- so I insist on continuing to do it no matter what.

I refuse to be stifled by a cult group that claims to own the "truth" of Buddhism or anything else.


If you've read any of my previous writings about the disturbing on and off-line activities of the Kunzang Palyul Choling and its out-of-control "Spiritual Director," "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo," you may be wondering helplessly: "What can I do?" You can e-mail the Tashi Choling Center for Buddhist Studies, with "to the Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche" in the subject line, asking him politely to intervene in some way, for example by writing a public letter distancing himself from the actions of "Jetsunma" or even by openly demanding that "Jetsunma" shut down the "Protecting Nyingma" hate blog and stop stalking and inciting violence against Andrew Wilson. E-mail: Note that this June I plan to visit the Tashi Choling Center myself, since I'll be in that area -- it might help me "gain access" if lamas there have already heard from various sincere people who are concerned about this evil situation.

See my "Open Message to Gyatrul Rinpoche" and also my "Open Message to Karma Kuchen Rinpoche."

You might also notify Wordpress that the "Protecting Nyingma" blog violates its terms of service. Here is the text of my recent complaint to Wordpress:
Please shut down this blog. This is an anonymously written site devoted to attacking people by name based on the supposed inside knowledge of "blog investigators" belonging to a religious group called the Kunzang Palyul Choling. Let the religious cult post garbage like this on their official site, not under cover of Wordpress.

Quote: "Investigators at Protecting Nyingma have long known about the relationship between Andrew Wilson and William Cassidy."

William L. Cassidy is a former CIA operative who has reportedly been involved in all sorts of shady things. He has written books on knife fighting, close combat, and pistol shooting. He did some secret work in Vietnam a long time ago. And I don't know him. I've never met or spoken to him.

Cassidy is considered an enemy by this cult of crazy religious people after, according to them, he got involved with the cult and stole some of its money [see other posts on this blog relating to him]. By claiming that I have a relationship with this man, the blog in question is actually endangering not only my reputation and my income but also my life.

Generally, the "Protecting Nyingma" blog violates its terms of service by anonymously slandering, defaming, and inciting violence against specific people considered to be enemies of the cult's Guru. After all, this is a blog set up to name and often provide the physical locations of supposed "enemies" of the supposedly Enlightened Leader of a fanatical top-down fascist-style religious organization that stockpiles weapons, threatens people with "black magic," and has been associated with extreme criminal behavior such as child rape and assault.

I'm Andrew Wilson. The "Protecting Nyingma" site violates my privacy and seeks to interfere with my ability to freely communicate online. This means that it also tries to keep me from being able to make a living, since I do much of my writing business on the Web.

If any Kunzang Palyul Choling cult members end up hurting me or anyone close to me in a physical attack, which seems to be where they're headed, I will sue Wordpress for damages. So please -- look into this, and shut it down. Thanks.

Make no mistake -- these (the relatively small core group of monk and nun KPC stalkers responsible for "Protecting Nyingma," most of whose names I still do not know) are evil, cowardly, vile, sadistic, stupid, malicious, and above all relentless religious cult fanatics for whom the Guru is the final arbiter of Truth and Reality, and lying and stalking are now second nature. And the Guru herself, I'm sorry to say, is criminally insane, not to mention getting weirder and more volatile by the minute. I know that sounds rather stark, but I don't know of any other conclusion one might possibly draw from their actions and words.


As I show in detail in this blog entry, Alyce Zeoli aka "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo" and at least a dozen or so of her inner circle, including the now-jailed boy-rapist monk "Palzang," set out to put William Cassidy in prison by prodding ex-KPC nun Nydia Alexander into writing extremely angry and sometimes obscene tweets, then framing Cassidy up for this material by misleading an FBI agent into believing that the tweets originated from "Tenpa Rinpoche," not from Nydia Alexander, were completely unprovoked and caused Jabba-the-Tulku "substantial emotional distress."

Under the Violence Against Women Act, causing someone "emotional distress" on the Web can put you in prison. William Cassidy became the test case of this vague "cyberstalking" statute. However, it's the Kunzang Palyul Choling's behavior that constitutes true stalking -- as well as nightmarish vindictiveness and ugly-lizard fanaticism. Such behavior puts to rest forever any doubt that the KPC is a profoundly anti-Buddhist cult.

To make their minutely-planned frame-up work, all of the cult's members who spoke to the naive FBI agent in her whole "eleven hours" of interviews with the KPC had to carefully avoid mentioning the fact that they themselves provoked their ex-Sangha member Nydia Alexander by attacking and defaming her cruelly and incessantly, day and night, year after year, from multiple "anonymous" blogs and Twitter accounts, some of which they later deleted to try to cover up their crimes. This is conspiracy, racketeering, and -- not to mince words -- domestic terrorism. It is also a lasting blot on Tibetan Buddhism in the West, since "higher up" lamas such as Karma Kuchen and Gyatrul Rinpoche have yet to disassociate themselves from this psychotic freak they themselves empowered to delude, manipulate, and sadistically hurt innocent people.

(Actually, "Jetsunma" and her thugs began cyberstalking William Cassidy and Nydia Alexander as early as April, 2008, and have never let up for so much as a single day. Note that this cult hate blog page provides a Google map to William Cassidy's house, along with a death threat by "Jetsunma" herself, while this one provides photographs of the couple and a "business listing" for Cassidy. Not to be outdone, this one insinuates that Julie Green (aka Nydia Alexander) is "bipolar" and suffering from "confusion" because she isn't taking her medications, which would of course be her only reason for leaving the Sangha and criticizing the Great Guru. Classic cult stalking behavior. I must say it doesn't matter a bit to me whether Cassidy really is a con man or not, or whether "Julie Green" is bipolar and confused or not -- obsessive and systematic cult stalking is the real issue here. Con men only steal money; cults steal minds.)

If the FBI agent in charge of the "investigation" ever asked the cult members outright about any of the blogs or Twitter accounts savagely attacking @vajragurl (and me, also, on the Guru's ridiculous assurance that I was actually Cassidy) throughout 2010, the cult members would definitely have denied knowing anything about them. There is absolutely no mention of any of this material in the FBI agent's "Criminal Complaint against Cassidy which was the basis for his arrest and indictment by a Maryland grand jury. Had Cassidy not been released on the free speech issue, this small omission of fact would have resulted in the case being tossed out after a Franks hearing, probably ending the recklessly inept and foolish FBI agent's career and leading to felony charges against the manic-depressive Tulku and her delusional cult stooges.

The KPC is a "Buddhist" Mafia. It achieves its aims by means of grandiose, outrageous lying. If the lies don't work it resorts to slander, or simply terrorizes people into submission. This is not just my opinion -- it is well-documented fact.

Deliberately misleading (for example by "forgetting" to mention vital information) or lying to a federal agent with the intent to cause harm to another person for whatever reason is, of course, a felony. As for the agent, it was a tad cavalier of her to put complete faith in the twisted statements of a woman who used to "channel" the prophet Jeremiah and once claimed to have been present at Jesus' crucifixion. (Probably pounding in some nails, or tossing dice with the Roman soldiers for his loincloth.)

But there is still a slight glimmer of hope. All it would take to get the IP and e-mail addresses of anonymous Twitter accounts such as @shamanspell, @puredharma, @haunted_spirit and various anonymous, vile and stupid blogs such as "Protecting Nyingma" would be a few well-placed subpoenas. The evidence-trail will lead directly back to computers in the cult's Poolesville and Sedona locations. And then --

"Goodbye, stupas; hello, watchtowers. Goodbye, safe-houses; hello, Big House. Goodbye, Palzang; hello, chain-gang." But hey, at least in Sing-Sing the cultists won't have to worry about those pesky low flying helicopters.


So why won't the government go after "Jetsunma" and the KPC? There are a few obvious reasons. The KPC, as a tax exempt "charity," does funnel some money to Tibetan refugees and -- more importantly -- supports various anti-Chinese causes. Tibet is in favor, politically speaking. It's also a good money laundering machine, even if "Jetsunma" does take a huge cut of the cash flow in order to buy unethical lawyers, gold toilet seats, Victoria's Secret lingerie, Lee press-on nails, naive FBI agents, and "the silence of the lambs."

Also, so far, the KPC hasn't been condemned by the fragmented and self-protective Tibetan hierarchy. Why would Tibetans condemn it? Just because it uses terrorist tactics? The Dalai Lama himself in his day was one of the highest paid CIA operatives in history.

Who am I, by comparison? A Zen beggar with a bamboo flute.

However, there are still some basic laws prevailing to protect US citizens. So the KPC, even with some powerful Washington assholes on their side, couldn't get to me. They couldn't even get to a rather sketchy man who raises rabbits in the California desert.


The anonymous writers of "Protecting Nyingma" are frantic to discredit me for this sort of clear, logical analysis of their criminal activity, and to do so they have only a single line of attack open to them: to claim that I co-conspired with Cassidy in trying to cause "emotional distress" to their Guru.

This cynical ploy has to glaze over the fact that I had no idea who she was or who they were at the time when they began cyberstalking and harassing me. (Also, I didn't know who Cassidy was. I wasn't even sure he existed.) By cutting and pasting tweets containing some of my harsher and more direct responses to their incessant attacks onto "Protecting Nyingma," they hope to create confusion about just who was doing what to whom and when.

Have I at times used rough language about the KPC cultists in response to their unbelievable slanders? Undoubtedly. Have I mocked and ridiculed them online in messages written for my friends (while blocking all the cultists from my Twitter page, of course, because those messages weren't meant for them and are none of their damned business) and even on this blog? I would never deny it. Have I typed many absurdist tweets using the word "Tulku" in startling and nonsensical and sometimes charming ways? Of course. So what? Satire is "protected speech." The KPC cult and their Leader would like to criminalize satire wherever they believe it concerns them. So, their attacks on me are also attacks on the First Amendment.

Is a barrage of "tulku jokes" the best response to having my laptop computers held for an entire year by the FBI in an attempted frame-up by these ugly and evil people? Maybe not. But who's to say I shouldn't find whatever ways I can manage to amuse myself and keep my spirits up in the face of all this pomposity, conspiracy, racketeering and bureaucratic stupidity?

"Dr. Zhivagtulku," "She wore Blue Tulku, Bluer than Tulku was the night," "Tulku Team Six," "Shiny Shiny Shiny Boots of Tulku," "They wouldn't let poor Rudolph play in any tulku games," "Teenage Mutant Ninja Tulkus," I've got a lovely bunch of Tulkunuts," "Frankly, my Tulku, I don't give a damn," "Indiana Jones and the Tulku of Doom," "Creep with me as I crawl through the hood/Maniac, lunatic, call me Tulku Eastwood," "Me Tulku you long time" -- it's not clear how these Dada-absurdist word games harm anybody. But for those who believe my use of the sanctified term "tulku" is provocative, consider that in the two weeks or so since I stopped using the T word on my Twitter page the cult's attacks on me have escalated to an all out feeding frenzy. Maybe the #Tulku hashtag isn't the real problem here.


The KPC cultists accuse me of making "death threats." As evidence, they cut-and-paste a tweet they claim I sent to Ally Zeoli: "I'm c-c-c-coming tulku k-k-k-kill you," along with two or three others that suggest violence. This is deliberate and serious slander. I didn't "send" those tweets to Ally Zeoli at all. Look on the screenshots on "Protecting Nyingma," if you can bear to place your browser on that page loaded with fatuous and evil horseshit for more than ten seconds; there's no "@jalpalyul" before them, as there would have been if I had "replied" to their Leader. No -- these tweets were merely plays on famous lines from movies (A FISH CALLED WANDA and KILL BILL I and II)! Actually, there was a "companion" to them that the cultists do not cut-and-paste or even mention: "Psycho Tulku, qu'est-ce que c'est?"

No doubt when I typed these tweets it was at the back of my mind that KPC monks and nuns were threatening me day and night with "black magic." Nonetheless, they were only jokes, intended to make my friends smile. What's more, these absurdist jokes were posted on my own Twitter page -- a page from which the cultists are now, and always have been, blocked. The cultists have no business even reading my tweets, let alone to be cutting-and-pasting them out of context on their defamation-and-hate blog. If the Guru wishes to compulsively stalk me and insists on reading every word I write, I accept no responsibility for her so-called "emotional distress." That's her karma, not mine.

(As for the various screenshot-examples of my rough language the cultists have cut-and-pasted all over "Protecting Nyingma," I will say this: If in the future you and your quaint religious organization are going to relentlessly pursue another human being on the Web, bothering him with incessant attacks and mockery and publicly slandering him with endless falsehoods about being a "violent felon" &c., you'd better anticipate much worse than just getting called some funny names. I believe I showed considerable restraint.)

If the KPC cultists want to talk about actual online "death threats," let's hear an explanation for this:

At that time a wild rumor was going around that William Cassidy, who suffers from heart disease, would soon be enthroned by a real Tibetan teacher as an actual Tulku. In a fit of hysteria Ally Zeoli announced to her followers on Twitter that if the enthronement of Cassidy actually took place, she -- their Living Buddha -- would die within six months. "Jetsunma" loves to terrorize her followers with predictions of her imminent death -- predictions that usually turn out to be highly exaggerated. Naturally, her loyal followers began scrambling to try to come up with a way to prevent the man from being enthroned. And yes, these cut-and-pasted screenshots above show "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo" and her cult openly plotting to assassinate Cassidy by visualizing a "phurba" (Tibetan ritual dagger) slitting his aorta. Who was this person -- the "straight up warrior of Tara" -- personally delegated by "Jetsunma" herself to do it?

The FBI agents in my house were completely bewildered when they heard about these threats. All they could tell me was that the head agent in Baltimore hadn't told them anything about this type of madness by the woman who would come to be known in the U.S. vs. Cassidy court documents, absurdly, as "Victim 1."


At the beginning, when these people started stalking me in 2009, their proof that I was definitely William Cassidy was that I was writing Zen aphorisms and not talking about their group at all. When I still ignored them, they went after my friends or anybody who spoke of me with respect. After I addressed the cultists in rather harsh terms and started talking about what fools they were for mistaking me for Cassidy, THAT became the definite proof that I was William Cassidy. ("See? He's responding angrily. That means he's Cassidy!") When I shut down my account, that proved I was William Cassidy ("he's on the run!"). And when I reopened my account under another name and they found me through my friends -- again, "proof" that I was William Cassidy ("he's back!"). Then the FBI raided my house to seize my computer equipment and ask me questions about William Cassidy. They held my laptops for a little over a year and returned them just a few weeks ago without apology or explanation.

And now, according to "Protecting Nyingma," I supposedly have a "relationship" with Cassidy and we fly helicopters around the cult's compound.

This is not just a case of a cult harassing me because they don't like my message of direct realization through Zen. These people cross every possible line -- they don't shy away from trying to disturb people's minds with extreme threats nor even hold back from trying to cause physical harm. If you don't speak up when they come for me, who's going to speak up when they come for you?


Why should anyone believe me, rather than a crude, anonymously written Website claiming to be "protecting Nyingma" but in practice attacking the "enemies" of an enthroned Tulku who has an evil reputation? The question answers itself. But also note that I wrote and published "The Deadly Viper Assassination Buddhists" at a time when the FBI was still holding my computers, William Cassidy was in a Maryland jail waiting for his hearing, and at least in theory I was under threat of possible prosecution. In those circumstances, it would have been quite insane for me to publish anything but the truth. All that I could possibly add now are further tortuous details and sardonic jests.

However: If I cyberstalked anyone, and especially if I made "death threats," as the cultists claim I did, why didn't the FBI arrest me either before or after examining my computers? Last I heard, "death threats" are illegal! Am I more devious than Doctor Fu Manchu, capable of hiding evidence from an army of federal investigators and lab technicians (at least when I'm not flying helicopters around the cult's Maryland compound)? If I didn't cyberstalk anyone -- which one can assume I didn't, because I wasn't charged with anything despite my computers getting swept up in the bogus "investigation" into William Cassidy's supposed crimes -- why do the KPC cultists keep maniacally insisting that I did? Also, hasn't this monotonous insistence that I "cyberstalked" the cult's insane leader now turned into a clear case of online defamation, for which their Sangha could be sued?


While John Buhmeyer, David Williams and Alyce Zeoli were busy spreading the word online that "Tenpa Rinpoche" was a "violent felon" and "domestic abuser," "Tenpa Rinpoche" and Nydia Alexander were repeatedly and loudly saying that John Buhmeyer was a scheming pedophile who'd been jailed once before for molesting a young boy but was unrepentant and would certainly do it again:

I must admit that when I first read this blog post I didn't totally believe it -- partly because despite my world of experiences to the contrary it's always hard for me to believe that people this evil actually exist, partly because the blog was anonymously written and seemed a bit too shrill in tone, and partly because I felt it was offensive to equate being "openly gay" or eating shellfish with being a ruthless sexual predator. That aside, this blog post from "Pure Lineage" turned out to be 100 percent true. If only a certain FBI agent had taken the trouble to make a few calls.

Note that "Palzang" was once a prominent spokesperson for "Jetsunma" and the entire Sangha, and the hatchet man for the online KPC campaign to discredit William Cassidy:

"Jetsunma" and the entire KPC cult called Tenpa's accusations about "Palzang" a "lie," and in 2011 the FBI went after William Cassidy on the theory that the anonymous blogs he and Nydia Alexander set up, such as "Pure Lineage," were created solely with the intent of "causing emotional distress" to "a woman who lives in Maryland with the initials A.Z." As a result, a little boy in Sedona, Arizona got raped. Excuse me, but I'm going to repeat that last sentence. As a result, a little boy in Sedona, Arizona got raped. At least one. Repeatedly. By an ordained, saffron-robe wearing Kunzang Palyul Choling monk.

If anybody with any power or influence had listened to "Tenpa Rinpoche," the boy or boys in Arizona wouldn't have gotten raped, and "Palzang" wouldn't be stuck in prison until he's 86 years old. If the head FBI agent in Baltimore had acted on what I told her about KPC cyberstalking (keeping in mind that in every legal sense my remarks were the equivalent of a sworn statement) by searching the cult's computers, she would certainly have found information leading to arrests that would have saved the little boy from abuse at the hands of John Buhmeyer. But for some unearthly reason this FBI agent preferred to trust a woman who insists she "ruled an entire galaxy" in one of her recent past lives and who, before she became a "reincarnate Buddhist llama [sic]," used to spirit-channel the prophet Jeremiah and an Alien intelligence identified only as "Andor, head of the Intergalactic Council" in a suburban basement every Thursday night. Oooh. Bad idea.

Gung-ho special agent Jessica Nye has since been demoted from any kind of serious duty and re-assigned from Baltimore to Raleigh, N.C., where she sometimes appears in local news fluff pieces about how to protect your computer passwords. The KPC Temple in Sedona shut down completely. The KPC Temple in Maryland shut down pending fire-code renovations and has yet to re-open due to fund-raising problems."Palzang" will probably die in prison. The boy who got raped by "Palzang" has to live with the experience for the rest of his life. What is the real criminal activity that's going on here? Who is going to finally accept some responsibility for all these nasty cult shenanigans?

Very interesting choice of analogy! It appears "Palzang" has been hoist with his own petard.

(By the way, I was the one who did some Web research and uncovered the fact that "Palzang" had again been arrested, tried and convicted for his heinous behavior while William Cassidy sat it out in a Maryland prison cell for "cyberstalking and harassment." The KPC was trying to keep it quiet. They almost succeeded.)


Here is an anonymously written KPC blog addressing the "Palzang" issue in a typically cultish, that is, bizarre and unfeeling way:

Oh yes, I am sure John Buhmeyer is a "generous and witty man who worked to live a life of kindness, to follow the guidance of our Teacher, Jetsunma." So -- where did all this guidance from the "wisdom dakini" get him? "And then last year he lapsed. He molested another boy."

Consider the breathtaking callousness of describing child rape as a "lapse." This is a KPC true believer talking. Pro forma, of course, he or she goes on to call the act "unjustifiable." But we've already glimpsed an insane level of cognitive dissonance.

As a matter of court record, by the way, the generous and witty "Palzang" "lapsed" twice. He was convicted of two counts of sexual assault on a minor. Maybe he was too generous, too witty.

According to KPC members "Jetsunma" has never done and could never do anything mistaken, such as ordaining a man as a monk when he's already served time for child rape, installing him in the "Temple" and giving him every possible chance to do it again. Or publicly and repeatedly misidentifying Andrew Wilson who lives in Oregon as a man over 20 years older named William Cassidy who lives in California, so that her asshole "monks" and "nuns" will systematically harass him and interfere with every aspect of his on- and offline life.

There must be some mistake! After all, she's the rebirth of someone or other who was said by a lama to be smart. Maybe it's all the anti-psychotic drugs and alcohol, or hitting the "Coco-bong" with a monkey every night, or all that black Voodoo she does so badly.

This weird, rather offensively self-regarding blog post also clearly shows that "Jetsunma" and the entire "Temple" knew about John Buhmeyer's prior conviction for child rape. Yet they chose not to inform the trusting parents who brought their children to the KPC "Temple" for Lollipop Day.

Why not? Because "Jetsunma" and her nuns and monks trusted that "Palzang" wouldn't rape another little boy? (Or maybe they just didn't care! After all, what's one little boy's life, more or less, when put on the scale against "the future of Dharma in the West"?) By what right? On whose authority? After consulting what experts? Let's hear exactly why the Kunzang Palyul Choling's neighbors had no right to be informed about a sexual predator in Buddhist monk's robes living right next door.

And what about this boy, who has to grow up having been raped by the odiously nasty and preening "Palzang"?

There's no hint that the blog writer can even remotely grasp the seriousness of what "Palzang" did, because for that he or she would have to be emotionally intact enough to appreciate its probable effect on this boy's mental (not to mention "spiritual") health. No -- the main concern of the blogger is to excuse the "Teacher" from any possible blame.

So we're told that John Buhmeyer lost his battle with an "addiction" and "lapsed" back into the regrettable habit of raping little boys. Despite the "kind, gentle and witty" nature that made him such a ragingly pompous and threatening cyberstalker of Nydia Alexander and others (me included) in the year leading up to his unfortunate "lapse" dance. And now he's gone. But oh no, "Jetsunma" never did and never will do anything wrong!

Ally Zeoli's followers claim she can get a person out of a bad Bardo trip -- or send somebody into one, on the threatening side of the equation -- just by "thinking" about it. If so, isn't it a bit strange that she couldn't cure "Palzang" of his lamentable addiction to raping children just by thinking about it? Om-ahem.

I have no doubt that "Jetsunma" told "Palzang" in the strongest possible terms to run, not walk, to the nearest police station and turn himself in. After all, if the police had been forced to raid the "Temple" to arrest him, the case would have been on the evening news. And that's not good Dakini publicity.


"Jetsunma" and David Williams now wildly cutting-and-pasting screenshots of my harsher and more direct tweets about their criminal activities -- out of order and torn from context, as always -- all over "Protecting Nyingma" won't long distract public attention from their involvement in "Palzang-gate," nor from the fact that they lied to the FBI.

In the meantime, it's a cult circus. Here is "Ani Sonam," who once made some hilarious jokes about the death of my cat, now pompously replying to my observation (to my friends, on a Twitter page from which she happens to be blocked) that Buddhas don't have enemies:

My point was, of course, that Buddha never considered any person an enemy, and in any case the World Honored One never directed his students to stalk, slander, provoke, mock and defame Devadatta on dozens of crude anonymous blogs.

Here are various KPC accounts on a typical day for the Sangha (lost in the middle of the insults and attacks on this screenshot, note the lonely non-KPC person thanking me quite sincerely for my replies to her):

Here is Michelle Grissom aka "Dechen":

Note how she talks about my girlfriend and our relationship. For the uninitiated, this is real harassment and cult style-stalking. Note also how the nauseatingly self-satisfied "Dechen" lectures me about my supposed "anger" problem -- presumably because I sometimes use profanity and always deal in direct speech. Yet her own Guru is infamous for screeching tantrums and often resorts to insults and threats when displeased. According to "Dechen" herself, as told to journalist Martha Sherrill, the glorious "Wisdom Dakini" once threatened to throw her, "Ani Dechen," through a sliding glass door -- but in the end settled for administering a good old-fashioned bitch-slapping. Namaste!

These tweets are all somewhat strange and off point, but are also revealing in one way, because they suggest that "Dechen" is one of the anonymous authors of "Protecting Nyingma," who are the only people I ever threatened with Shingon magic (unless . . . they took down their slanderous posts about me and just let me be). 

It also seems odd that the devoted student of a woman who claims to have ruled an entire galaxy in a past life should be so skeptical of my ability to cast a rather simple Shingon spell against a group of evily-behaving jerks. What's more, if my Shingon hex didn't work because (according to Michelle Grissom) I was bluffing about being able to cast such a powerful spell, why is "Palzang" serving a mandatory 20 year prison sentence in Arizona, why did the Arizona KPC Temple get sold off, why is the Maryland KPC Temple shut down, & why was Alyce Zeoli driven so insane by her own misdeeds that for six months she fled from safe-house to safe-house accompanied only by armed guards & communicating with her Sangha only via a stream of cracked, crazed & semi-incoherent "tweets"? No, Dharma friends -- I fear that Shingon spell worked on your fat saffron-robed asses only too well. "You asked for it, you got it." Boom. Svaha!

The quoted tweets also suggest that "Dechen" is mentally ill -- for even as she maintains that an armed invasion of my home and seizure of my computer equipment was justified by my online remarks about the cult she belongs to, "Dechen" proposes to debate me on absurdly minute details of Buddhist teaching and to mock and ridicule me for what I say about Buddhism on my Twitter page, from which she happens to be blocked. It seems not to occur to Michelle Grissom that she is doing online precisely what John Buhmeyer did. (But the less said about "Palzang" the better, right?) Like all cult fanatics, "Dechen" is sunk right up to the eyeballs in cognitive dissonance.

And by the way, Shingon is generally known by the term "Mantrayana," not Vajrayana. All KPC members, the Guru most of all, tend to be comically ignorant of Buddhism.

Here is "Ani Sangye" again -- why are all these fucking "nuns" called "Ani"? -- both pontificating and mocking:

This Vajrayana "nun" fails to notice that my quotes are from Atisha's famed pith instructions for "lojong" mind training. I studied it with a Tibetan lama. It should be instantly familiar to anybody who has ever seriously practiced in any Tibetan school of Buddhism. Just more evidence that lacking the Nyingma franchise and the dubious imprimatur of H. H. Penor Rinpoche -- who also gave a bewildering tulku-recognition to Steven Seagal-Sensei -- Alyce Zeoli and her hillbilly crew would long ago have moved to the Ozarks to start drinking strychnine from Mason jars and handling snakes.

Once again, as always, this so-called "nun" calls me an abuser. That's slander. I've never abused anybody. She must be thinking of her old friend and fellow ordained member of the Sangha, "Palzang." But we don't want to talk too much about "Palzang," do we? Or about exactly who it was who gave "Palzang" the leisure, the power and the opportunity to rape a little boy. Like so many KPC members in the past, including the Leader's ex-husband Michael Burroughs, "Palzang" has been airbrushed from the cult's history. He will never be mentioned by name on its official Web site.

Note that I'm not replying to any of these people. They're all blocked. I don't see these tweets unless I go looking for more evidence of KPC cyberstalking to put up here on my blog.

But the main point to take note of here is a strange disjoint in the cult's "spin." Even as "Protecting Nyingma" claims, quite crazily, that I am a physical threat to their Guru, KPC "nuns" regularly go on Twitter to bait, ridicule and harass me. Would they do that if they really felt I was a threat? Would doing that be at all wise?


Note that this recent deluge of KPC stalker tweets and anonymous blog posts defaming and slandering me began about two weeks after the government dropped its appeal of Judge Titus' decision in US vs. Cassidy. Monkey say cult need enemy.

These new tweets cover the cultists' usual obsessively made "points" about me: 1) I don't understand Buddhist doctrine and am totally ignorant of real Buddhism; 2) I'm a bad person who just pretends to have some "realization" in order to feed my already inflated ego and gain undeserved fame; 3) I should be in jail or worse for disrespecting "Jetsunma" and will definitely experience a bad rebirth for telling the Guru to fuck off and for threatening them all with Shingon magic if they didn't let me be.

"SangyeH" claims in her recent tweets that I was raided by the FBI for my "attacks" on "Jetsunma" and the KPC People's Temple. That's a lie, and also a bewilderingly stupid violation of common sense. The FBI doesn't raid a person "for attacks" -- and then fail to arrest them on the spot. (I've never been arrested but, as I pointed out to the FBI agents in my house, "Jetsunma" has been arrested -- for assault. The Guru has also had actual court injunctions issued against her -- for cyberstalking! "Jetsunma's" cultists will, of course, make endless excuses and exceptions for their Leader.)

In fact, I was raided by the FBI because "Ani Sangye" and other cult members committed the felony crime of lying an overly credulous FBI agent, because I'm a nobody with no money who lives in Oregon, because the PATRIOT Act has seriously eroded our civil rights, because our current reality is that just about any woman can get just about any man in serious legal trouble if she claims she feels "threatened" by him for whatever reason, and because "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo" is a psychopath. I was the one who got cyberstalked and cyberbullied by these cult freaks for over a year, but I, unfortunately, had not retained the services of Shanlon Wu, ruthless "boutique" Washington "white collar criminal defense lawyer" with political friends in high places (e.g., the Department of Justice).

Despite all that I wasn't charged with anything; I wasn't even arrested. The tactical fury of the raid, according to my lawyer, suggests that the agents thought there was a chance I'd have weapons. After all, doesn't everybody who live in Oregon have weapons -- you know, to protect their hidden marijuana growing farms? I didn't. They searched the entire house top to bottom and found nothing to arrest me for. There was nothing illegal on my cell-phone or my laptop computers, either. (One of the agents, on his way out the door with my computer equipment and cell phone, cheerfully informed me that these items would be searched for evidence of any crime whatsoever, and if any such evidence happened to turn up I would certainly be charged. I told him, "Knock yourself out. Let me know if I can be of any more help in your witch hunt.") It appears I'm a model citizen.

Weird! I was standing right there; the agents could have arrested me. You know, for all the "death threats" and all. They didn't. Instead, they took off the handcuffs and asked me questions about how long I'd known William Cassidy, whether I'd traveled to California recently to meet and plot with him, and how often we touched bases by phone or on the Internet. They were surprised to hear that I'd never met or talked to William Cassidy. As required by the warrant, however, they took my electronic equipment to send to Baltimore, where agent so-and-so no doubt pored over it for any possible evidence that I had any connection whatsoever to Cassidy, and unfortunately for her imaginary case against him (which would have gotten a huge boost if she could have proven the existence of an interstate conspiracy orchestrated by "Tenpa Rinpoche" to say mean things about "Jetsunma"), there was no such evidence, absolutely nothing.


As William Cassidy sat in a Maryland federal cell and the anxious FBI agent pored over my laptops ("What the fuck is this? All that's on here is poetry?!!"), worrying that she wasn't finding the "conspiracy" evidence she needed to put away forever a sick old man who was just trying to live his life in the California desert, and "Jetsunma" and her nuns went on stalking me with impunity and gloating over their triumph ("Jetsunma" claiming that her cult's "sadhana" prayer-rituals had put Tenpa in jail) this pompous, Dharma-spouting KPC monk (a man whom this naive FBI agent had undoubtedly interviewed for his knowledge about the case, as he was one of the ordained who spent the most time with "Tenpa Rinpoche") -- a monk who goes by the salty-dog name of "Palzang" -- was repeatedly raping a little boy in the shadow of those peaceful stupas, to the soothing clash of cymbals or whatever, amid the bright flapping of Tibetan prayer flags, in or around the Kunzang Palyul Choling cult compound in Sedona, Arizona. Just as the insidious "Tenpa" had warned.

You can't make up this stuff, unless you're novelist Roberto Bolano, who undoubtedly would have included a thinly fictionalized version in the sequel to 2666 if he'd been around to hear of it.


Did I say some harsh stuff about the Great Leader, in response to the constant needling from KPC Twitter accounts? Yes! I did some independent research and some reading and posted the following facts about "Jetsunma" on Twitter: She smokes a lot of dope and abuses alcohol (a usual no-no for Buddhist leaders). She also imbibes a stiff daily cocktail of prescription anti-depressant drugs. She has sex with her students (a bigger no-no). She verbally taunts and abuses her students, and sometimes she hits them. She's gained a bad reputation for being egocentric and mentally unstable. She used to be a psychic channeler of spirits and aliens. She predicted the end of the world in 1999 and the world didn't end in 1999, or maybe it did but nobody noticed. She has misused donation money to buy ridiculous luxuries for herself. She makes an obscenely large salary (reported 10gs per month) off the labor of her monks and nuns, and in addition the monks and nuns pay all the taxes on it for her. Monks and nuns must sign waivers absolving her of taking care of them when they become feeble or sick (that will be interesting to see -- "Jetsunma" kicking old crippled nuns out of the compound, no doubt waving the signed legal documents, so they can beg on the streets. Nice!) She writes insane and tasteless so-called poetry. She asks her followers to stab effigies of her ex-husbands. She hates bananas. She uses the Web to stalk, bully, kvetch about, slander and harass people she doesn't like.

If I had tweeted my remarks about "Jetsunma" as part of a conspiracy I can see that there might be a legal problem. This was, of course, an FBI agent's theory, because it's what the cult fed the FBI; but it was backed up by no evidence. Just the opposite. I only said these things because I was getting annoyed by the KPC cult's endless interference in my online friendships and my life, and because it's all from seemingly reliable published sources and most of it (as far as I can tell) is probably true.

The cyberstalking one is definitely true, from my own experience. Here are some cut-and-pasted screenshots as proof:

Oh no! "A crook who is -- ethically challanged" [sic]! Was the "emotionally distressed" Tulku drunk and stoned when she tweeted that?

I merely ask: What right does this crazy, sub-literate woman have to defame, libel and slander people she's never met? And if she really believed I was William Cassidy and was so terrified of the man that she couldn't leave her house for 18 months, why did she go on Twitter so often to insult and bait him? Is it really a good idea to interact in such an aggressive way with your "stalker" when that "stalker" is a "violent felon" with a record of "crimes against women"?

Based on what I've experienced from this bizarre person and from what I've read about her, I suspect Alyce Zeoli would score quite high on Hare's checklist for diagnosing a psychopath. Hare's checklist actually reads like a précis of Alyce Zeoli's biography.

Here are some cuttings-and-pastings from the anonymous @puredharma illustrating some of the systematic cult stalking I experienced in 2010, all at the behest of this insane and psychopathic so-called Guru:

The gang's all here. I can only imagine how the FBI agent's heart sunk when she finally saw these tweets. Besides noting how loathsomely nasty these cult creeps were to their old Sangha member Nydia Alexander (@vajragurl), consider my irritation when I'd get on Twitter to talk about Zen with my friends only to hear over and over from the mouth of the Wisdom Dakini and her robo-cultists and nun-bots about my supposed "bad karma," "violent felonies" and "crimes against women."

I must have changed the name of my Twitter account, or shut it down completely to reopen it under a different name, at least twenty-five times to avoid these same cultists. They always found me.


By the way, none of this stuff really matters to me in any ultimate "moral" sense, except for the stalking and harassment, the manipulation of the FBI -- and the "Palzing" business. I am tempted to clap and say "Bravo" to this resourceful woman for finding a group of morons to take her abuse and support her in royal style. It's a dream many of us share -- to be able to sit around in a pretty compound only forty minutes from downtown Washington, DC protected by a phalanx of armed guards as we dope and drink our brains out, play on the Internet, watch TV, and laugh as our wretched followers soak up every inane little saying that drops from our mouths as if we were -- a Tulku.

Oh! Oh! say the cultists. But she is a Tulku! She was personally recognized by H.R. Pufnstuf -- excuse me, I mean, H. H. Penor Rinpoche!

So was this Living Buddha:


But it's not just the "official nuns" and "Protecting Nyingma" that are still harassing me as hard as ever. Other weird KPC-defending blogs have jumped in, all regurgitating the same inane cult talking points:

That's some really bitchy shit right there. The "Spiritual Director" of a cult mistakes me for a "sock puppet" (yes, they're still talking about sock puppets) of William Cassidy's. As a result, the whole cadre of vicious morons starts interfering in my digital life, fucking with my friends, slandering me on their anonymous Web page, in exactly the same way they recently attacked @mana_horse (the one they're now saying is William Cassidy) -- and they wonder why I told their Leader straight out that she's insane and has no business claiming to be a Buddhist? In the first year, I received well over 10,000 attack tweets from KPC accounts!

This person mocks me for claiming to transmit Zen on Twitter. Why not? The earliest Buddhist scriptures were written on strips of bark, not unlike the 140 character boxes of Twitter. Who's to say how the Dharma can or can't be transmitted? You?

Maybe it's better to have a Guru who slaps your face and calls you a whore for having sex with a nearsighted visiting monk (see below). Is that Buddhism?

I suppose knowingly harboring a known child rapist in your Sangha, ordaining him and giving him saffron robes that he can use as camouflage in order to rape some more little boys, is less absurd than the idea of doing real Zen in the "Oregon hills"? Interesting concept of "Dharma"!

Oh, and thank you, cultist, for comparing me to the gum on the sole of your shoe! Buddhist Compassion. Wonderful! Hearing you talk in these terms about other human beings, one is keenly alerted to the fact that the KPC is just a group of criminals. Given your contempt for other people's lives and feelings it is only a matter of time before you actually begin killing them at the orders of your Guru, if you haven't already. And when that shocking news breaks, I will be the one saying "I told you so."

Sadism is intrinsic to the KPC cult experience. Note this troll's gloating that the FBI crashed into my home and traumatized my girlfriend, who was unable to sleep more than three hours a night for several months afterward. All because a credulous FBI agent got buffaloed by a psychopathic Guru (backed up, of course, by her well-connected "boutique" Washington law firm). That's what psychopaths do. This same naive, overambitious FBI agent worked hard for "Jetsunma," and to her credit had a fair-to-middling run with some piss-poor material -- until a federal judge shut the circus down. Fold up your tents, put the elephant in the boxcar. Where's the FBI agent's career now? If it's in the toilet, like many others she can thank "the Buddha from Brooklyn." But it's happened before, and it will happen again no doubt. One just deals with shit that arises. And with this cult, the shit never sinks -- it always rises. (THE SHIT ALWAYS RISES, by Ernest Tulkuway.)

You'd think by their chatter that these cult harpies had won their case against William Cassidy. They didn't. You'd think that the government would have enough faith in the sanity and court-readiness of their Guru to at least file an appeal against Judge Roger W. Titus' free-speech upholding decision. It didn't. The government dropped its appeal; the case is closed. The Tulku lost. Why are the obese, life-threatening cultists still ranting?

Because they're scared. Of what I might say. And of who might hear me.


This brilliant anonymous blog author claims that I was "arrested." I wasn't. She wonders why I didn't just answer the door when the feds knocked. They didn't knock -- they just shattered the door. That's how a "tactical pre-dawn FBI raid" works! I wrote the details here: "A Short Interview with Andrew Wilson."

As for the general tone of ridicule and the pompous claim that any of "Jetsunma's" criminal machinations have anything at all to do with defending "women's rights," my girlfriend was traumatized by the unjust and stupid raid on our home. She's a woman, isn't she? Doesn't she have rights?

And as for the quoted tweet "I'm c-c-coming tulku k-k-k-kill you" being a "death threat" against the Guru, this person should lighten up, rent a A FISH CALLED WANDA, and wake up to the fact that not every "tulku joke" playing off of an absurdist line in a well-known movie constitutes a threat to Gurus, women, or even to tulkus. Quite the opposite: I tweeted that to make fun of the endless "magical death threats" I was getting from the army of KPC assholes, of which, wait for it . . . this "icarus" person was one.

This post will be on the Web for all time, and anyone searching Google for the truth about "Jetsunma" and David Williams and "Palzang" and the entire viper's nest of Kunzang Palyul Choling cultists will find it near the very top of the search page. My beautiful friend Miranda has aptly summed up the KPC cultists as "UGLY LIZARDS!" and that comment, too (see my screenshot further down the page) deserves to be, and now certainly is, immortal.

You can wipe the egg off your faces, cultists, but you can't wipe the faces off your faces -- which are, I'm sorry to say, Medusa-like, insane and hideous. Don't glance in any mirrors -- you'll just turn yourselves to stone.


This blogging troll's mean spirited jeering about our response to the pre-dawn, glass-breaking, men-screaming, laser-sight darting FBI raid -- namely, barricading ourselves into a room with suitcases and cat towers -- is quite off-base and bizarre, really, when you consider that two normal people untrained in tactical warfare were able to hold off a team of no less than eight "tactical assault" FBI agents long enough to place a 911 call to verify that they actually were FBI. I'm reasonably sure that's not part of the federal playbook. According to usual practice, we should have been down on the floor about ten seconds after our door got smashed.

But no -- we held these well-armed agents off for at least seven minutes. And we could have held them off for much longer if we'd had to -- long enough for the police to arrive. Despite the fact that we were totally unarmed. But as soon as the 911 operator verified that it was the FBI in our house, we shouted that we were coming out and not to shoot us, and we came out calmly according to instructions and there were no accidents. I noticed that some of the young agents were shaking with adrenaline. But not us. It could well have gone differently, since these situations are wild and chaotic. Yet nobody got hurt. All this testifies to the excellence of Zen training, which I've been doing for many years now, and it also shows why I am a good person to teach other people Haragei -- because I don't lose my cool even when men in black are screaming and pointing automatic weapons at my head.

In response to the question about how my "Zen realization" held up, I might just as well ask this particular troll: "How did your Vajrayana hold up for you when your Guru was backhanding you in the face and telling you to spend the next month scrubbing out the toilets, all for having the kind of sexual encounter that is totally normal for a healthy young woman in her mid twenties?" (For "Icarus" is the same "Dechen" aka Michelle Grissom who features in the long excerpt drawn from THE BUDDHA FROM BROOKLYN I've cut-and-pasted in the post below.) This is the same unhappy, mentally unstable person who subjected herself to a Joseph Stalin or Joseph McCarthy-style mea culpa and show-trial public confession of having "lied" to the journalist who wrote the book on "Jetsunma." Heartbreaking! And now she "giggles" at the newest victims of her Guru's madness.

No doubt this same lunatic also "giggles" at her old friend Nydia Alexander, overwhelmed with terror and loneliness in the high desert as her ex-Guru stalks her ruthlessly on the Web and threatens her with Vajra Hell then engineers a conspiracy that leads to the unjust arrest and senselessly lengthy detainment of the only person she had in her life to turn to. Hilarious! Very "pro-woman," too!


"Ani Dechen Drolma," aka Michelle Grissom, is the new hand-wringing, sob-story online hatchet person for "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo," and in 2012 especially she has been quite active in slandering me on various anonymous KPC blogs and Web sites. As always, the favored method is outright lies combined with heavy-handed sarcasm and innuendo. For example, Michelle Grissom -- along with her entire cult -- likes to mock me for claiming to be a "Zen Master." I've never claimed anything even remotely like this.

Such energetic stalking of the Guru's supposed enemies used to be the major function and contribution of "Palzang" -- but, sadly, since John Buhmeyer is serving 20 years right now in Arizona for repeatedly raping at least one little boy while clad in his handsome Kunzang Palyul Choling monk's robes, Grissom has to jump in to fill the void. When "Jetsunma" says jump, her people jump.

Note that Buhmeyer and Grissom are what passes in this cult for "intellectuals." Sad! Do these melancholy idiots not realize that their own transparently Guru-ordered attempts to disprove the claim that KPC is a fascistic cult actually prove that it is?

Let's look for a moment at what we know about this bizarre person to find out exactly what her qualities are, and why anyone should trust anything she has to say about anybody. A Google search brings up an essay titled "My Way" that Grissom has plastered all over the Web. This strange essay is a Stalinist style confession/recantation of her previous statements about her experiences with the Great Guru. In it, she calls herself a vindictive liar, a fraud, and a coward. She also confesses to acting as a compulsive Internet troll and to slandering and cyberstalking "Jetsunma" and the KPC Sangha.

Is she lying now, or was she lying then? Either way, she's a liar. Is she trolling now, or was she trolling then? Either way, she's a troll. Is she a fraud now, or was she a fraud then? When it comes to members of the KPC, it's useless to try to find out something one could call "the truth" except in a negative way from their statements. They are all liars, frauds, trolls, and cowards, Why? Because they emulate "Jetsunma."

Michelle Grissom's online writings prove beyond a doubt the KPC is a brainwashing cult that draws in mentally vulnerable people of low intellectual ability and near-zero personal courage. (Grissom demonstrates all of the above when she notes self-critically: "I said I didn't believe Jetsunma was Mandarava. And how would I know this, exactly? What is my expertise? Of course she's Mandarava." Oh. Really? Why is she Mandarava, again? Because "Jetsunma" herself said so. But "Jetsunma" has also claimed to have ruled an entire galaxy in a past life. Which galaxy was it, exactly?) "Jetsunma" then uses and abuses her students to do various types of dirty work for her, including the online defamation and harassment of her critics whoever and wherever they may be.


If my occasional Twitter mockery, derision and satire of the KPC really bothers the cultists so much, they might stop to reflect that they should never have made their horseshit any of my business. Hasn't their Guru taught them that "everything happens through cause and effect"? But these KPC trolls are out of their minds with malice and, it seems, couldn't stop lying now even if they wanted to.

In the end it's just too much work to keep up with the cultists' ugly rants. I only find it remarkable that, two-and-a-half years in, the KPC's stalking of me is still going strong, with no end in sight. I have no illusions that they're going to leave me alone without some prompting from Gyatrul Rinpoche and other lamas in high places.

Meantime, the old tricks continue with no let-up. Here is a recent RT of a typical KPC attack tweet -- it's from a person I've never heard about before, nor ever interacted with on Twitter or anywhere else, so she wasn't blocked and I actually saw the tweet:

And here's her profile, which I glanced at because I was wondering why a total stranger to me would RT something like that:

"Oh Lord, no! The CIA is after me now!" Right? But go to this person's odd website and Twitter page and you see that she's busily cyberstalking (at the rate of about 100 tweets an hour, I estimated) the psychiatrists who dismissed her from her job as a CIA analyst.

I could make a joke here by asking just how mentally disturbed you would have to be to get dismissed from your job as a CIA analyst, but I won't. I'll merely point out that she's obviously suffering, and whatever her problems are she deserves better than to be used by an evil cult to get at a nobody like me.

This is, of course, exactly the type of vulnerable, unhappy, adrift-in-the-Beltway person "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo" seems to attract. Maybe in a few years she'll be wearing saffron robes and, inevitably, still talking about Andrew Wilson. (Yet, Lynnae, if you happen to read this post, please know that the KPC cult is lying about me being a "cyberstalker", that I hold no grudges, and that my cyber-door -- jyakunen(at) -- is always open to you if you want to talk to someone who is truly genuine and real about truly genuine and real stuff. This offer also goes for any other member of the KPC cult who miraculously wakes up enough one fine day to realize that I'm not an enemy, just another poor bastard stumbling through life like everybody else. A poor bastard with the smarts, the reckless courage, the persistence and the literary skill to become your cult's worst literal nightmare, if I wanted to. "Oh no! Call the FBI! He's threatening us with literary skill!")


Anyhow, I am thrilled to be able to say that despite the cultists' many crazed attempts to interfere with and "spook" me off Twitter, I've actually helped a startling number of people now to attain direct Zen insights -- and even Kensho; so this is where I intend to aim my future online efforts. Aside from that, it's no good for me to get caught up in any drama that causes me to neglect the bamboo flute.

In the interests of physical safety -- not just my own but also my sweet girlfriend's, and maybe that of casual Pacific Northwest bystanders, too, should one or more of the cultists get inspired by their leader's recent crazy rhetoric to push "Guru Devotion" a little too far -- I will also no longer make any "tulku" jokes on Twitter or use the #Tulku hashtag. I've said that many more of the cyberstalking cultists are going to land in the clink, and I still believe this, but I'm not interested in being the pretext. Ever since I conquered my former melancholy and depression with Zen, I enjoy living too much.

My projected publication of a nausea-inducing Web archive of downloaded KPC cult stalking material from 2009-2011, made somewhat redundant by recent online events anyway, will be delayed at least until things settle down. Nonetheless, here are some starting points, still on the Web, for those interested in tiresome cult hijinks. Apparently @shamanspell, one of the most relentlessly harassing of the anonymous KPC accounts and the one that spent the most time pointing out my supposed errors in transmitting Buddhist doctrine, was mainly authored by John Buhmeyer, aka "Palzang," the KPC monk now serving a mandatory 20 year sentence in Arizona for child rape. @haunted_spirit is "Jetsunma" herself channeling the ghost of William Cassidy's deceased mother -- who sounds like a really spooky bitch. "Jetsunma"'s is also the unmistakable, raging and obscene voice behind @vajragurlpig. As for the others, I don't know.


These pages alone refute the cult's tiresome claim that Andrew Wilson just appeared out of nowhere, like a low-flying helicopter. The KPC Twitter-terrorists may have started out by cyberbullying Nydia Alexander (@vajragurl, @crystally, &c.) and William Cassidy (@tenparinpoche), but at "Jetsunma's" word they turned and came after me like sharks smelling blood in the water.

The Great Guru told her followers I was William Cassidy and they believed her. She told them to stalk me and to threaten and harass any Twitter user who behaved in a friendly way towards me, and they did as ordered. All of it happened before I even knew who Ally Zeoli was. But this wasn't just some casual, on-and-off interference. It was an all-out, well-orchestrated cyberhate, slander and defamation campaign conducted by a Buddhist Sangha.

I knew all of that then, and I found it noteworthy enough to talk about it online. What I didn't know was that the obsessive and surreal cyberhate campaign against me was only a small working part of Ally Zeoli's cold-blooded entrapment-and-frame-up plan designed to put "William Cassidy" in prison for the rest of his life.


Note the cult tactic in these Twitter accounts of deluging me with "replies" whether I was speaking to the morons or not. (Most of the time, I wasn't. These accounts and many others were all blocked.) Note the incessant and sadistic parallel tormenting of @vajragurl, which begins to feel much like watching people poke a dog with a stick. Note the interminable attempts to identify me with @vajragurl and @tenparinpoche as the same person. Note how easily incensed and self-righteous the cultists become at the idea that someone might talk about "Zen" online without displaying credentials. Note the angry attacks on people who dare to RT me. Note also, finally, that all this is just a few drops in the overflowing shit bucket of KPC online stalkery.

These are people who cannot help themselves -- and no Tibetan is going to help them, because from a Tibetan or any "basic sanity" point of view these cultists are just bug-eyed frothing-at-the-mouth crazy. And if you know any Tibetans you know they don't argue with crazy, don't confront crazy -- in fact they typically just pretend not to even notice crazy. Try acting crazy in front of a Tibetan. He'll smile at first, then shut his eyes and start saying Om Mani Padme Hum.

(I also note that there is no way any Tibetan I've known could begin to understand the pathology of Alyce Zeoli, which is that of an obsessively vengeful, relentlessly plotting-and-scheming sociopath. Tibetans are naive in this area. They lack the particular childhood abuse/neglect problems that go into creating this peculiar type of ego-monster. That's really why Tibetans are helpless before the Chinese, who long ago institutionalized a special type of schemingly obsessive behavior via Confucianism. Tibetans don't understand plotting and scheming as a way of life. Nature demons -- these the Tibetans understand. But nature demons can be converted to the Buddha Dharma, as Guru Rinpoche demonstrated in his usual pure way. But demonic American psychopaths will always merely use "Buddhism" as a tool for amassing more prestige and power. Why? To make up for the persistent inner torture of feeling totally lost and worthless.

H. H. Penor Rinpoche probably thought that Alyce Zeoli was a kind of American nature-demon, and he could convert her into a Dharma protector, Padmasambhava-style, by recognizing then enthroning her as a Tulku. He was wrong -- but how could he have known?

I once heard a revealing story about how the Dalai Lama was talking about meditation with a group of Americans, and one of the Americans suddenly confided he was having trouble because even in deep meditation he kept experiencing a sense of being a "totally worthless person." Tenzin Gyatso was so bewildered by this remark that he got up, wide-eyed, and went to each of the Americans in the room to look into the person's eyes and ask: "Do you have this problem too?" Every American finally admitted, some with shame and reluctance, yes. And not only that, but it was for them not just "a" problem but THE problem. The Dalai Lama then brought forward each of the Tibetan monks present, one by one, and asked the same question. And every Tibetan said no, they had never had this problem. It was now the turn of the Americans to be bewildered. According to the account I heard, His Holiness was so astonished that he spoke of little else for days afterward.)

Many of the more "extreme" threatening and jeering KPC tweets got deleted, although some of that still survives on the pages above in the form of gleeful RTs. The KPC cultists had a big headstart on me -- roughly from September, 2010 to February, 2011 -- to try scrubbing their digital stalking record clean while the FBI was "investigating" William Cassidy. Last year it was my privilege to be able to hand over some of the since-deleted material to the court investigator on Cassidy's defense team.


In February, 2010 I posted in the "Comments" section of "Protecting Nyingma" a warning threat of a Shingon hex that would cause these idiots endless trouble and grief . . . UNLESS they took down their slanderous posts about me and their cut-and-pasted screenshots of my Twitter page and offered a sincere apology to every last person they've ever cyberbullied (note that I also clearly told them, "I am not William Cassidy").

By then I had already had to delete my Twitter account and restart under a different name at least four times. But the KPC fanatics obsessively combed the Twitter pages of my friends looking for me in RTs and "mentions," and so each time they eventually found me and picked the horseshit up right where they'd left off. "He's Cassidy." "He's a lying fraud," &c. I'd open my Twitter one fine morning and there would be fifty tweets addressed to me from anonymous accounts threatening me with lingering death, Vajra Hell, &c. And all that time my animal companion, a cat named Bella, was dying slowly of kidney failure and I was full of grief.

My lurid description of the effects of the proposed Shingon hex was based on "Jetsunma's" disturbing and patently insane poem, "War Cry," with a little of my own sarcasm thrown in. The basic idea was that I would transform into a wrathful Tiger-Spirit and drink the blood of the authors of "Protecting Nyingma," using their skulls for handy picnic bowls . . . UNLESS.

Yet not only did these idiots not take down the "Protecting Nyingma" posts plastering up cut-and-pastes of my tweets hedged by hateful and menacing commentary (although later they did so, very quietly, after the FBI definitely established that I wasn't William Cassidy) -- they went on to post many, many more pages just like those.

And now they cut-and-paste a small section of my warning-of-a-curse once again on "Protecting Nyingma" as evidence that I was threatening their Guru from the start.

This behavior is reckless and stupid in the extreme. It's as if the KPC cultists were challenging karma to dispense with their lying, vindictive asses in the most ruthless way. One of the gung-ho authors of "Protecting Nyingma," after all, was "Palzang" -- and look what happened to that "witty and generous" child-rapist!

The universe works in mysterious ways, and I have an eerie gift for telling fortunes. It is entirely possible that every last KPC cult member is bound for the same ultra-horrific fate I predicted for the anonymous and cowardly writers of "Protecting Nyingma" . . . or maybe a fate much worse . . . UNLESS!

If these insane cultists will not stop hurting people short of forceful intervention by a manifestly higher power, put a giant electrified "magic" fork in them -- they're done.


All of the rage-filled, intense and unrelenting cult interference in my online life based on an absurd case of mistaken identity was, of course, bad enough -- yet it was still just angry words on the Internet until the FBI agents stormed into my house on February 15, 2011. Then it became something much more serious. For "Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo" and her cultists actually conspired to deceive a federal agent in order to put the Guru's "enemies" at physical risk. This is something truly new and unheard of in the annals of cult racketeering and deception, and "Jetsunma" deserves to become famous for it. I am glad to do my part in promoting such fame with this highly entertaining blog post. No need to thank me!

How do I know that Ally Zeoli and her cult conspired to deceive a federal agent? Because there is just no way in hell any federal agent, no matter how naive, would have taken on this case after seeing @shamanspell's tweets and knowing that they were written by "Palzang," or that @haunted_spirit was channeled by "Jetsunma" herself, not to mention @sherlockhimes, @puredharma, &c.. Somehow, none of this ever came up in the FBI agent's whole "eleven hours" of "interviews" with KPC members.

Even odder is the fact that some early posts on "Protecting Nyingma" (since deleted) clearly identify Nydia Alexander as @vajragurl, yet @vajragurl's tweets are precisely the "evidence" of stalking cited in the Criminal Complaint against Cassidy!

In this strange document there is no mention at all of the twenty or more anonymous KPC accounts that harassed @vajragurl with hundreds of threats and provocations every single day and night. If anyone was getting caused "substantial emotional distress," it was @vajragurl. And me, of course. But the judge who signed off on Cassidy's arrest and the raid on my home would have had no way of knowing it.

When I asked this agent by phone how she felt she could possibly conduct a fair investigation without also getting a warrant to search the KPC's computers for evidence of their stalking activity, she told me she wasn't going to talk with me about the details of an ongoing case. Yet she was familiar with "Protecting Nyingma," calling it in her document "a blog run by KPC students, but not affiliated with the KPC, dedicated to defending Victim 1." She doesn't offer any further analysis or description of what it might mean to "defend Victim 1" with paranoid rants, nor explain how the endless mockery, defamation and slander of me might fit in. No -- instead she gets right to business by citing the "logs" of "Protecting Nyingma" which show how often the IP address registered to Cassidy visited the site (every day). Cassidy's IP address also regularly visited "Victim 1's teaching website," which was "also created to track Cassidy's whereabouts." Nydia Alexander, of course, shares the same IP address.

(This information brings up a fascinating point. Sometime in early February, 2010, I posted some rather harsh language, a poem, and a dire warning-of-a-Shingon-curse I was going to afflict on these assholes in the Comments section of a page on "Protecting Nyingma" that had just plastered up a bunch of cut-and-paste screenshots of my @HannyaShingyo tweets "proving beyond a doubt" that I was William Cassidy. So, if this blog was set up to trace IP addresses, as the FBI agent claims it was, that means the cultists would have instantly traced my IP address -- to Oregon. They knew I wasn't in California. They knew I wasn't William Cassidy. According to the FBI agent's testimony, "Jetsunma" was getting briefed twice a day, morning and evening, on any Web activity relating to the KPC. "Jetsunma" would have clearly seen that my IP address wasn't the same as William Cassidy and Nydia Alexander's. Yet she and her cultists went on publicly insisting that I was this "violent felon," a "domestic abuser" and all around devil right up until the FBI raid on my house -- in Oregon -- when they found, to what they insist was their "complete surprise," that I had been telling the truth all along. These pitiable people are the liars who cannot stop lying.)

All this leads to one inescapable conclusion: "Jetsunma" and her group deliberately lied to the FBI with the intent of putting Cassidy in jail.

That's a felony. Every single KPC member who joined in this conspiracy could be indicted for it -- today, tomorrow, next year. For there's no statute of limitations on this particular crime. Once it's discovered, these idiots could all join "Palzang" in prison in two shakes of a Tibetan prayer wheel. And the more the cultists torment me and try to meddle in my life, I believe, the greater the chance that someone who can do something about it will eventually sit up and take notice.

Once upon a time, in a moment of annoyance at having my life up-ended by these puerile cult A-holes, I vowed that as a writer and blogger -- a journalist, even -- I would pursue their tiresome, puerile, obese, unrelentingly sadistic "Spiritual Director" "to the ends of the earth" in order to expose her publicly for the wretched sack of evil fraudulence she really is. I've done so. The Internet now covers the entire earth, and my blog posts dealing with this cult and its deranged Guru will pop up on search engines for as long as the Internet exists.

Too bad, cultists! Karmic payback is a Tulkufucker, isn't it? If you don't like what I have to say, try sending the FBI for another visit. I noticed that after they'd questioned me quasi-mechanically for a while on the dull subject of this Jabba-the-Tulku "Jetsunma" person and the antics of her frothing-at-the-mouth jihadist followers, the agents livened up and became really interested when I started talking about the here-now, life-and-death truth of Zen.


If I have one regret about it all, it's that I didn't download and save the insanely beautiful tweets of @kpcmonkey, which sometimes had me laughing so hard I cried. The whole KPC cult was so scandalized by this monkey that for almost three weeks they left me blissfully alone. All I remember of it is a few absurdist tweets like "MONKEY DANCE CRAZY, MAKE SNARLY FACE!!!" and constant references to hitting something called a "Coco-bong" with "Jetsunmaz" between trips to the indoor firing range at the KPC "doomsday bunker," along with pleas for the Guru to "give monkey sweet banana." @kpcmonkey was like the Lolcats on crystal meth. Unfortunately, all I can show you is the profile, itself painfully hilarious. (Click to enlarge.)

Also this post mentioning one of my previous Twitter handles in which the monkey is getting confused about who is a Tulku and who isn't:

And this, RTd by the ludicrous and small minded @puredharma:

If anyone knows where I can find a cache of @kpcmonkey, please let me know!

-老虎, Andrew Wilson

ADDED NOTE: Here is the text of two e-mails I sent to FBI Special Agent Melanie Wissel, the Eugene, Oregon FBI flunky in charge of the wild ninja raid on my home, with a few short paragraphs of personal information redacted, just the next day. I stand by everything I wrote in these e-mails, which is not difficult to do because it's the simple, clear truth. Knowingly communicating anything but the truth to an FBI agent involved in an investigation is a felony -- and I was well aware of this fact when I wrote these e-mails. If FBI Special Agent Jessica Nye in Baltimore had been able to find any piece of evidence at all that conflicted with any detail of what I wrote here, I could have been charged with a felony. I wasn't!. My laptop computers were returned within a few days after the Department of Justice dropped its appeal of Judge Titus' free speech-upholding decision in U.S. vs. Cassidy. Contrary to what the KPC cultists are saying, I was never arrested, never charged with anything at all. Why? Because, contrary to hysterical diatribes posted on an insane, anonymously written blog associated with this vicious cult, I never did anything wrong.

Keeping in mind that my remarks to the FBI were the legal equivalent of a sworn statement, let's take a moment to ponder the obvious -- if Jessica Nye had followed up by getting a search warrant for the cult's computers, she would have found not only the ample and nauseating evidence of KPC cyberstalking, but very likely also clear evidence of John Buhmeyer's sinister obsession with children. She might then have made arrests that would have prevented the boy in Arizona from having to live out the rest of his life with the trauma of having been repeatedly raped by a pompous Vajrayana monk belonging to a wealthy and predatory "spiritual organization."

By the way, a "word to the wise" regarding interactions with the FBI. Do not do what I did by talking to FBI agents as if they are real human beings, however clear and simple the truth you are expressing may be, because this will only embolden them to feel that you are a pushover who can be lied to and manipulated at will. Just about one week after the FBI raid on my house, before I had even gotten a lawyer, I spoke to Baltimore Special Agent Jessica Nye on the phone, and she offered me the following direct and outrageous falsehood: "Mr. Cassidy's home in California was not raided. This was all about you." (A direct quote from notes I took during the call.) My lawyer's first act as my lawyer was to fact check this statement. He instantly learned that William Cassidy's house had been raided and searched on the same morning as mine, and what's more he was arrested and handed over to US Marshals to be flown to Maryland in chains. I do not know what Special FBI Agent Nye, formerly of the Department of Homeland Security, hoped to achieve by lying to me, but it is a fact that the FBI is legally allowed to lie, while a person being "interviewed" -- even informally -- by a federal agent can be charged with a crime even for merely omitting a detail that might be important to an "ongoing investigation." Do not talk to the FBI. Ever. In my lawyer's wise words, "Don't ever talk to cops. They're not your friends."

The Department of Justice does not have infinite resources. It cannot do everything. The fact that the FBI invaded my home means that they did not invade the home of a serial killer or a child-rapist or a vicious meth dealer or a pension-fund destroying Wall Street banker -- at least, not on that particular morning. Clearly, the FBI is more worried about crimes of free speech on the Internet than about serial killers, child rapists, vicious meth dealers or pension-fund destroying Wall Street bankers. And so quite possibly, as a direct result of their awe-inspiring neglect and incompetence, a serial killer killed again, a child rapist raped another little boy (actually, thanks to "Palzang" we know for a fact this is exactly what happened!), a meth dealer created yet another addict, and somebody else's pension disappeared. Wonderful! Wake up, FBI morons! You and the American taxpayers got taken for a wild ride by a lying psychotic cult leader who is no doubt now very pleased with herself and laughs at your chagrin. Don't think we've seen the last of these "Buddhist" vipers, either.

(Note also the interesting part where I say right out that the FBI agent who ordered the raid on my home "should feel deeply ashamed to be duped by a crazy person like Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo." My lawyer almost had a heart attack when he saw that remark, but I was never less than absolutely confident because I knew I was telling the truth):

Dear Agent Wissel,

I am going to need the name of the FBI head agent in Baltimore responsible for all this, because I intend to file a complaint with the Bureau. I will begin by sending her a copy of this e-mail to you. I may also consult a lawyer about filing a lawsuit.

I saw nothing in the sheaf of pages you showed me that justified a dawn raid with eight agents in tactical gear carrying automatic weapons.

My girlfriend is traumatized. Traumatized. Our neighbors are disturbed by the idea that the FBI raided us at dawn with guns ready. How do we explain this?

As you get deeper into this matter, you are going to realize that a very cynical pathological liar -- I refer to Jetsunma -- has managed to use the FBI to further a personal vendetta.

It's a serious decision to send field agents out on a raid. There is always the possibility of someone getting hurt. if only by accident. Do you agree?

Many other Twitter users were at times harrassed, insulted, or cyberstalked by Jetsunma and her students and can verify what I told you about the intensity of Kunzang Palyul Choling cyberstalking and cyberbullying activity over the past year or so. At times the harrassing, challenging, mocking messages got into the hundreds per day. Jetsunma personally, when she was @ahkonlhamo, contacted many people I was interacting with online to tell them that I was a violent offender and con man named William Cassidy.

At times I tried to deal with the cyberstalking by using harsh, angry words, at other times with mockery and ridicule. I never sent anyone personal messages, e-mails, texts, or anything else containing physical threats. I posted several times on the "Protecting Nyingma" webpage (the KPC's anonymously written hate blog devoted to attacking Jetsunma's "enemies") asking and then demanding they remove all mention of me from their site. Very early on, when I was particularly exasperated (and grieving terribly over the death of my cat Bella), I even threatened these anonymous bloggers with black magic if they didn't delete the vicious comments about me. As I told you, it's a hollow threat because I can't do black magic. But I knew that Jetsunma and her followers believe in it, because I read a published account of Jetsuma creating effigies of her enemies (including of an ex-husband) and asking her students to stab the effigies with knives.

Unless you're like the FBI agents on the X-Files, you don't believe in black magic either, nor in "magical duels" a la Harry Potter. I am sure you don't believe I was going to transform myself into a tiger-spirit and so forth, which is what I "threatened" the anonymous authors of "Protecting Nyingma" with. Yet you send agents into my home at dawn with guns, breaking down my door, and put us in handcuffs facing a wall! Really?

My impression was that you were looking for William Cassidy or someone else in our house. As I told you, I don't know William Cassidy and have had no direct personal contact with him. I have no idea if he's a good or bad person or what the real trouble is between he and Jetsunma. I do know that her actions are not those of a true Buddhist teacher, and I've said as much online. Maybe that's what first got Jetsunma angry at me.

Jetsunma is cynically and relentlessly lying to the FBI by posing as the victim of a cyberstalking campaign. By lying to you, she is deliberately putting your field agents in possible harm's way, as well as wasting your time and maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal money. If you want to find out the truth, perhaps you should seize all the KPC's computers and search them for evidence of her endless attacks on dozens of people online over the past few years.

I look forward to the quick return of my property. I'd also like an official letter of apology, but maybe we'll have to get into that with a lawyer later on.

While I appreciate your quiet professionalism in the field and the kindness of your agents, I can't help but feel you could have used infinitely better judgement in deciding who to raid over what amounts to a squabble on the Internet, and I believe for this you should be both apologetic and ashamed. If the responsibility is solely with the head agent in Baltimore, then he or she should feel deeply ashamed to be duped by a crazy person like Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo.


Last year at about this time my girlfriend and I intervened in a domestic violence incident -- a woman next door screaming "Help me! in the middle of the night. We dashed over there; the boyfriend had left. The woman's face was bashed up but she didn't want to talk to the police and refused to make a report. We I talked to her and soothed her for a few hours, sat her down in our kitchen with the police present, gave her water, and finally she agreed to file a domestic abuse report. The man responsible was arrested a few days later. The officers thanked us for our help. You can verify every word of this with Officer ________. Now, the point of my telling you all this is that when the glass downstairs shattered and men began screaming for us to "Get down here! Now!" in the dark, I instantly thought the man had maybe gotten out of prison, found out we were responsible for coaxing his girlfriend to talk to the police in the first place thereby getting him arrested, and was now crashing into our home with the intent to kill us.

It's not as if that's a totally unrealistic scenario. Right?

Neither of us thought it was the police; we assumed it was a home invasion. It didn't sound like the police. The police here know us and wouldn't enter our house in that way. Even when your officers began shouting "FBI!" we didn't believe it. Anyone can shout "FBI." Your agents were tense, as anyone would be during a pre-dawn raid, and their screaming sounded deranged. I'd like you to try to imagine the emotional effect of this on both of us. And if your imagination fails you, I encourage you to get hold of the taped 911 call my girlfriend made from our bedroom after we barricaded ourselves in, trapped with no exit.

This is the kind of thing I will discuss carefully with a lawyer in the event we decide to file a lawsuit against the FBI, or Jetsunma, or both, and I'd like you to be aware of it as you proceed with poring over the contents of our computer hard drives.

You showed me a sheaf of pages containing notes, remarks, jokes, and some harsh and direct statements from my Twitter page. Some of them related to Jetsunma, but it appeared to me most had nothing to do with her. Did the FBI head agent in Baltimore get those from Jetsunma? I ask because they appear to have been taken out of context and isolated from other remarks that might have qualified or given them entirely different meaning. It looked to me, in fact, as if those pages could have been printed off the "Protecting Nyingma" hate blog.

If Jetsunma used anonymous Twitter accounts to harrass me with the goal of goading and entrapping me into saying harsh things to her, then selected out the "tweets" of mine that seemed to suggest I was a "cyberstalker" and gave them to the FBI without also mentioning that she and her followers were cyberstalking me day and night with creepy and sometimes downright frightening messages from those twenty or more different anonymous Twitter accounts -- if that's the case, and it does seem to be the case, then it appears to me that Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo has broken any number of laws in very dramatic and intense ways. She purposely endangered my life and my girlfriend's life also. And with scheming and forethought she quite deliberately put FBI field agents in possible harm's way.

What I am suggesting to you is that Jetsunma succeeded in using the FBI as her own private army for an act of domestic terrorism. You and the other FBI agents were sent out into the field on false premises. You thought you were here to investigate crimes of "stalking." But in truth, the fact of your being here in my home with guns -- although due to no fault of your own, because you're as much a victim as were were -- is itself the crime. In other words, when the agent put the handcuffs on me, it was Jetsunma saying: "See what happens when you get me angry?"

Last year there were many messages from @shamanspell and other KPC Twitter accounts telling me that I had to be "chased down," "found out," "exposed," "destroyed," that I had to "suffer" for my remarks about Jetsunma. Since the KPC didn't know where I live or my real name, but seemed to actually believe I was someone else (William Cassidy) I disregarded those messages. I realize now I should have given them to the police. I truly regret that I didn't.

Once again, if you could please forward to me the name of the Bureau agent in Baltimore you mentioned and his or her contact information I would be grateful.



If you really want to read more about this insanity, see "Cult-and-Paste: Protecting Nyingma from Andrew Wilson." And please consider sending an e-mail to the cultists to tell them to lighten the fuck up. Reincarnation may not be the case. We may only have one life. Let's enjoy it!


  1. Thanks, Andrew, for all the work you've done to help protect the Dharma.
    Orgyen Chokyi Dorje

  2. Thank You. Wish you well always. With love. k