What is the Effortless One-to-One Transmission of the Natural State of Baseless & Infinite Clear Light Awareness?

It is a direct & pure transmission without words or speech. In this mind-to-mind transmission all conceptualizations are transcended & quiescence is achieved along with sudden insight. Inside and outside are surpassed & abandoned, as is the in-between. The four statements are shattered, with no shadow of them left behind to trouble or haunt anybody.

You sit in Seiza before me. I help to arrange your posture until it is right. The posture of a warrior Buddha. The Buddha of Budo. This may take a little time, or not. I then place my open hand on the back of your neck, on the nape, at a particular moment & in a particular spot. That is when the transmission happens. It may be accompanied by a shout or a sharp outbreath. It is like water being poured into water, space into space. It is like the breathing of the wind & freezing clouds in great mountain pines. After this you are free to stride at ease through the universe. [You always were!]

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  1. Love this, who made this statement so I can quote it in my class.
    Thank you!